Funnel Cakes and Deep Fried Oreo’s

15 Apr


I wish I could update daily, but it’s really difficult to fit in with four hours of liberty. During my time off after school, I work out, eat, call my mom, and get ready for the next day. I could easily update every day, but that would take away from my six hours of sleep.

My point is, I’m updating now so that is what truly matters, right? (:

My week went by fairly quick and it was actually a good week.

I finished up the baking section this week of my schooling. We baked chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls (so good), sweet potato pie, apple pie, cake, and much more sweets that would guarantee pack on a few pounds. All my products received an above average or an outstanding grade. With my written test, I got a 100%.

Now I’m onto more classes and Tuesday I cook again, but with larger quantities. I’m nervous because we have a small class, which means more work for us.

My week ended with a trip to Kings Dominion. It’s an amusement park in Virginia. I had a lot of fun! I went on every roller coaster about twice. Every roller coaster went upside down and after the second time through, my head was pounding. This didn’t help…


Yeah, it’s a funnel cake. But come on! How often do I eat funnel cakes? Like everyday. I also tried a deep fried Oreo. Oh my gosh. It was delicious, but that’s like  a once and a life time treat. Never again. 

Besides eating funnel cakes and redneck food, I eat a lot of Chinese food. I order Chinese food like every night.



I know. Who am I eating white rice?

I must say that I eat really well here. For breakfast, my meal usually consists of: melon, banana, an apple, some cottage cheese, and maybe raisins. 

For lunch I have a salad, lots of veggies, a pear, and cottage cheese.

Then for dinner it’s more of this:






The thing with Chinese food is that it fills me up quickly to the point where I’m like, “Oh boy, I’m stuffed.” I feel like I eat so much, but when I look back at my day, I barely have enough calories for breakfast and lunch. I still beat myself up after every meal no matter what I eat. I feel guilty with everything I eat. I don’t even understand.

I bought a scale too. I keep weighing myself. So far, I lost a pound this week versus the two I lost week so it’s a total of three pounds. I want to go back to my ‘normal’ weight, whatever I think that may be. However, I know that I won’t be happy with it. I back in that cycle of wanting perfection, yet I can’t have it. I cannot achieve it because perfection obviously doesn’t exist. I work my ass off to be ‘perfect’. I get frustrated when I cannot run or when I run slowly or I’m hurting. All my emotions here in Virginia are at an amplified level. I feel like I do not have control of my life whatsoever. 

I feel selfish, not in control, hopeless, and arrogant.

I’ll talk more about this later when I have my thoughts gathered. All I can say is for the several bloggers who challenged themselves by not working out for a week or so, good for you! That’s an accomplishment for someone who loves to exercise. Sounds silly, but in all honesty, it’s an accomplimsent.

Of course, I didn’t take part of that challenge. My week looked like this:

Monday: Two miles on the treadmill + 7.56 miles outside @ 7:05 + weights + elliptical
Tuesday: 8:69 miles @ 7:16 pace + elliptical
Wednesday: Field Day
Thursday: 8.69 miles @ 7:12 pace + elliptical
Friday: 9 miles @ 7:03 pace  + elliptical
Saturday: 9.12 miles @ 6:55 pace  + elliptical
Sunday: 10.65 miles @ 7:08  + weights

Total mileage: 55.71

I wish I could have gotten a longer run, but this morning my legs felt dead. I ran last night at six/seven PM and ran this morning at eleven. I don’t think that was enough time for my legs to refresh themselves. This week will be better.


I just keep telling myself to think positive and good things will happen.

What do you tell yourself to get through rough patches? 

“I was born to be a runner. I simply love to run. It’s almost like the faster I go, the easier it becomes.”
-Mary Decker Slaney


6 Responses to “Funnel Cakes and Deep Fried Oreo’s”

  1. runningtothefinish April 15, 2012 at 2:07 PM #

    I know how frustrating it is feeling like you “should” weigh less or “should” be eating a certain way and all those other awful thoughts that come with an eating disorder…but you HAVE to push yourself harder to eat enough girl! Your workouts are intense and your breakfast and lunch just don’t cut it to fuel you through that. Maybe it will for now, but your body will slow down and start to get weaker if you don’t take care of it. I hope this doesn’t come off as mean! I just don’t want your ED to convince you otherwise! There have been SO many times where my ED convinces me that I don’t need 2000+ calories every day and that I’ll just gain weight if I fuel myself right…but that’s NOT TRUE. My running has gotten SOOOO much better since I started taking care of myself and, as tempting as it is, I know I will never succumb to destroying my body again because it just isn’t worth it. I mean, honestly, ask yourself…what will giving in do for you in the long run? Keep fighting, I know you’ll get through this 🙂

  2. Erin April 15, 2012 at 2:26 PM #

    I just wanted to say… deep fried oreos are delicious! And… I kid you not, I’ve come across deep fried BUTTER. Funnel cake and oreos are practically health food compared to that xP

  3. Alexandra April 15, 2012 at 2:41 PM #

    Dudeeeee that’s awesome you got to go to that amusements park! I would’ve been blowing some major chunks if I had funnel cake before upside down rides, you must have an iron stomach haha
    And all of this Chinese food has me seriously craving beef broccoli and egg rolls. Totally going to a chinese place next time I go out nom nom 😀

  4. VanessaG April 15, 2012 at 4:36 PM #

    I’ve soooo missed you and your blog! I was a faithful reader till you went to camp. Then I got a new phone and so I lost all my bookmarks. Well, I saw your comment on someone else’s blog and was so excited,”she’s back”! 🙂 I hate that you are unhappy. I would gave never thought you would be unhappy there. Who would have thought that you could only exercise with a friend. THAT A STINKS! Anyways, you are beautiful as always and still fast. Can you not get out and go to another school(or military kinda place)? I wish you the best. Try to keep your head up. 🙂

  5. HollieisFueledByLOLZ April 15, 2012 at 5:00 PM #

    My comment was not going through (lame). I think it is now. Anyways, I understand about not having the time to run, right now is a good point for me when I do but during the summer is super tough.

    I’m glad you had a good time at Kings Dominion. I seriously love that place. When you facebooked about it-I figured you were either there or at Busch Gardens. 🙂

    I do like Chinese a lot but stupid upstate doesn’t have any takeout places! #lame.

  6. Tara April 17, 2012 at 3:39 AM #

    I always skimp on breakfast and lunch and I’m ravenous at night. I really need to work on that too! I’m really jealous of your funnel cake too. I haven’t had one in a couple years and they are always a favorite. Deep fried oreos on the other hand… that’s definitely a one time thing. Or at least until I forget how I felt after eating it!

    Stay positive!!

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