Still Sore and Oh So Hungry

11 Jul

Oh my gosh. Hey.

I have a lot to say. I don’t know where to begin.

I am still so SORE! My quads hate me right now. I lifted on Friday night after that crazy field meet. I lifted on Saturday and Sunday too. At least I think I did. I can’t even remember. I just remember being so damn sore and I still am. I can’t even run right now. It hurts. I ran on Monday and Wednesday night at like 8:00 PM. It was still super humid outside. I was sweating so much and I only ran for like twenty minutes. That is all my quads could take pounding wise.

I am also so damn hungry all the time. I can’t stop eating. I’m around food all the time too. (I work at the chow hall for goodness sakes.)

This is what I normally eat throughout the day:

I usually eat about two-three salads a day with two snacks. I’m such a bad person. I eat a cookie with cottage cheese as a snack. So much for clean eating. I also probably stuff my face with, like, five onion rings. They are my favorite junk food. For breakfast I have been having a small biscuit (or I just pick at it) and egg whites instead of my usual protein bar, which I am getting back to tomorrow. I have been eating too many carbs I think. But I have been so hungry lately. Ever since Friday. 

After I work out, I will typically eat…

That’s post workout. I’ll eat that and still be hungry so I’ll eat nuts, tuna, vegan food, etc.

I WILL be limiting my carb intake though. I never ate this many carbs before. Never.

No more onion rings.

No more cookies.

You guys can hold me accountable. Go ahead and kick me through the computer screen when I eat a biscuit, cookies, or onion rings.

Bad, Christy, bad.

I was doing really well on eating clean then I got sore… then super hungry all the time.

In addition, my workouts have been  mostly the stair climber, little bit of running, and lifting. I haven’t felt like running because I have to do on the treadmill or wait until dusk

Any tips for running on the treadmill? Please. I miss running. I want to run so badly. I better suck up this heat and humidity. Well, after my quads stop hurting.

I did go to spin class! 

Oh my gosh. I LOVED IT. The instructor is amazing. It’s worth waking up at 4:45 AM. I am even having my mom send out my bike shorts and bike shoes. Reminds me of home…

If only I could run. I don’t even feel like running. It sucks. I need advice, support, tips, treadmill help, and all that jazz. I just want to run. Instead, the stair climber has been my best friend and my best friend makes me go through two shirts in one hour because of sweat. I forget. Doesn’t Kara Goucher run on the treadmill all the  time? How does she do it? I’ll just trade lives with her.

Well, it’s almost 9 PM here. I’m hungry again after eating cereal, some almond milk, Greek yogurt, and peanut butter as well as three vegan hot wings and a tuna packet. So hungry still. 

So hungry and there are no onion rings here…

just kidding. 


3 Responses to “Still Sore and Oh So Hungry”

  1. HollieisFueledByLOLZ July 11, 2012 at 7:27 AM #

    I absolutely hate running on the treadmill and I hate running in the heat and humidity. I literally have to motivate myself to get it done every single run., I tell myself I’ll feel so much better when I’m done with it versus now, which is def true.

    You know I’m doing a lot of research on lowering your carb intake. I’ve been consistant with low carbs for the last 6 months and then load before races and it has worked really well.

  2. Goober Nut's Life July 11, 2012 at 10:33 AM #

    You might be hungry from overtraining or something. You’re burning more calories than your body wants, so it’s trying to stuff you all the time in preparation for more intense exercise and to recover from the exercise you’ve just done that day. This happened to me over the school year, and I put on some weight as a result. Are you taking rest days? Maybe you’re also hungry, because your body’s building a ton of muscle and needs the fuel to do so.

    My only tip for running on the treadmill is getting some good music/podcasts to listen to and finding a treadmill routine to do. That kind of stuff distracts me pretty well and makes the time pass by quickly. You should also check out the “Healthy Mind Fit Body” podcast, since you’re looking to lower your carb intake. These guys talk all about low-carb eating all the time, and they’d probably motivate you with eating clean. Seriously, if you only take one of the suggestions from my comment, just please check out this podcast! It’s super entertaining and helps you commit to eating healthier. I think you’d really like the guys who host the show. 🙂

    • lifttorun July 12, 2012 at 6:14 PM #

      Thanks for the tips.

      And I barely take rest days. I hate them. Well, it’s just difficult for me I sit still or not do anything. As crazy as it sounds I like to work out and I revolve my life around it to a certain extent. It takes away the stress.

      But I’ll be sure to check out that podcast you said. I listen to NPR when I run sometimes. Nerd.

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