I Never Not Want to do Anything… If That Makes Sense

14 Jul

Some people may say I am having a lazy morning. I woke up at 6:30 and I have not worked out yet. I like to call it “The Military Can’t Plan Manage Time”.

This morning I was told to be ready by 8:00 AM so I can volunteer at the Marine Corps thrift shop. I was ready by the time – earlier in fact – because I made myself a green smoothie. Eight comes around and I get a call that my ride is late. Another call at 8:30 AM… my ride is late. Another call at 9 AM saying my ride will be here in thirty minutes. All the time I did nothing! I was so angry. I hate that. I manage my time very well and, yeah, my time is valuable.

My  original plan was to wake up at 5 AM to run outside while it is still semi cool. (Yeah, right.) I decided to sleep in until six because, hell, I have been waking up every day at 4:45 AM to work out by myself or with my unit. A little sleep didn’t kill me and I suppose I have to get my workout in after three PM.

That means I can turn down my date offer, which I don’t want to go on. Some guy asked me out and I’m not that interested only because I’m too shy to hang out with someone I barely know unless I’m with a group of people. I still like that one guy that I went to the movies with and next Friday I’m going with him to get his tattoo. He’s getting it finished and he invited me along.

That reminds me, I decided on my next two tattoos.  I want to get an outline of dachshund on my wrist and an outline of a cat on my other wrist. Sounds silly, but I really want a dog tattoo. It’s okay. Call me crazy, call me maybe.

Anyway, about my ‘lazy‘ morning… I hate it. I don’t like waking up and not working out immediately. I enjoy working out. I have not been running unfortunately. My quads are still super sore! What the hell is up with that? And I have been craving carbs like the dickens. I think it’s because my body is so sore and carbs are helping… ? I don’t know. I’m not a scientist, dentist, doctor, whatever.

As soon as my legs stop being so sore, I’m running. All day. Everyday. I miss it. I want to run outside, but the weather is like, 90 degrees, but it feels like ten degrees warmer. No joke. That’s what the internet said and the internet does not lie.

What I really need to do is suck it up and run in the heat. I also need to find a running buddy out here so I can run 10+ miles off base or something. My base, Camp Hansen, is only so big. There is a track, but come on. I’m not a hamster.

So, I wanted to give an update on my whole clean eating thing. It’s going better. The end.

No, I’m kidding.

It is going better and I have not had a single onion ring or cookie. Go me! I ate pizza Thursday and that was about it. I think I ate fairly well for the rest of the time being.

For breakfast, I have been eating oatmeal and peanut butter with fruit. For lunch, a salad and a protein bar. Then for dinner,  I wait until I finish my workout and then I’ll eat cereal, Greek yogurt, soy milk, and peanut butter.

I still hate my body and it hates me. It’s so tired and sore. At least my quads hate me. 

My  recent eats:

I’ll give an awesome post tomorrow (like always) on the rest of my Saturday. 

See ya later!


One Response to “I Never Not Want to do Anything… If That Makes Sense”

  1. HollieisFueledByLOLZ July 14, 2012 at 11:26 AM #

    Oh perfect excuse for not going on the date with the dude. I have used that excuse oh so plenty of times. I hope your quads stop being sore so you can lots. I love your posts and can’t wait. Duhh.

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