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I Lost _____ Pounds!

11 Jul

Hello my darlings! 

I have some really, really good news, but first let me know tell ya what’s been going on in my life for the past week or two. 

Sit back, get some iced tea, and enjoy.


1) I stuck to my promise and I am obviously updating again! I’m trying to get back in this whole blogging routine, which is difficultI love it though. I have so many great ideas for you.

2) I ran 6 miles on Monday! Tuesday and Wednesday were disappointing because there was a typhoon and really terrible weather so I couldn’t leave my room. Thursday I did some circuit training that involved running outside in the heat. Okay. I know this sounds crazy, but I get crazy anxiety when I run outside in the heat. Does anyone else feel like that? I start feeling like I’m trapped by four walls and I  can’t get out. 

Which reminds me… STORY TIME! 

I actually passed out like a few weeks ago when running outside. It was around 8 AM in the morning here in Japan and it was already like 98% humidity. I’m running and I kept taking breaks because I was seeing stars (not like celebrities unfortunately) and my arms were tingling. Well, that’s when the panic struck. I already have a history of panic/anxiety attacks so I knew what was happening. That’s when I flipped out and just passed out in the grass. Luckily, someone was driving by and got me to the hospital. I wasn’t dehydrated or anything. I was just panicky. 

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes! Friday was more circuit training! 

unnamed (1)

It involved running, mountain climbers, water jug carries, tire flips, push ups, lunges, and some core work. It was a killer 40 minute workout! It left my whole body sore today. Like my butt and thighs are jello. Can I just not move for the rest of my life?


3) I ran another 6+ miles today! 

unnamed (2)


I was sweating bullets at the end of it! By the way, who made the rule that you can’t read magazines while working out? That is actually, in fact, a stupid rule. First of all, I don’t even read half the pages unless the font is like gigantic. Secondly, I only look at the pictures because reading is for nerds. I don’t see the difference in watching trashy reality shows while working out versus reading Self magazine. 

3) I AM DOWN 14 LBS! I lost another 3 lbs this week and I’m so proud of myself. 


In addition, someone left a comment about me not eating enough calories while trying to lose weight. I would like to mention, in my defense, I take three types of medication for anxiety and depression. They leave with no appetite on some days (it varies). It’s not like I’m purposely starving myself. I understand that will totally mess up my metabolism and actually not help in the long run. I just wanted to point that out. I mean, I’d rather have my anxiety under control than have a raging appetite. 

Regardless, I eat. I love food. I’ve been aiming for 300-500 less calories everyday. I’ve been tracking my calories as well to make sure I’m not going crazy under what I should be eating. 

I am craving fries like a mothertrucker.


Well, now it’s Saturday for me. I have officially no plans and I normally don’t have plans for the weekend. I don’t have friends per say. I’ll probably go get some Subway and a Gatorade after I put some pants on. I mean…. I’m totally wearing pants right now. 


I promise I have pants on. 

However, I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. Any plans? Any long runs?

Love you all! I’m so glad to be back. 


Recovery Running

2 Sep

You know what I love?

Cold donuts.

I kept two donuts from work the other day in the fridge until I left and they were delicious.

Warm temperature donuts are blahhh compared to cold ones.

Go ahead. Call me a snob.

You know what else I love?

The fact that Miley Cyrus shops at Trader Joe’s.

Miley does not tell a lie.

Anyway, what’s going on, buddies?

I have a day off from work so I’m totally splurging on the computer and studying my little ass off for the re-take of my ASVAB test. I need to learn my commands and ranks too. Gosh.

This old guy at my gym told me I am going to make a special Marine. I’m not sure what special he was talking about, but I’ll take it! Any compliment is a good compliment, right?

Also, this week I have definitely scaled back on running. Dur, Christy. Running four weeks straight of 50 miles is a little tough even though you don’t feel it until now.

It’s not that I’m sore, but if I am literally dragging myself through runs and can barely make it thirty minutes without dying first, then I need to taper down. I spent some time on the elliptical this week instead. I still sweat like a teenage boy so it’s all good. My face shows it.

I think for any runner, it is very difficult to slow down on runs or even run fewer miles. You look at your Garmin and see a seven-minute mile or whatever the number is, and it really messes with your head. You think you’re out of shape or losing your game, but that is not the case. It’s just a slow recovery run that we do need.

 It’s always difficult for me to see seven minute miles on a run or to only run thirty minutes. I think I need to go, go, go in order to be the best or the fastest. Well, that obviously isn’t helping currently because all my runs in the past two weeks are deteriorating. I am running slower because I just can’t go any faster and then I just don’t want to run. It’s a never-ending cycle, but I need to accept the fact that I need to reduce my mileage and allow some recovery time in order to improve. No one gets faster by running five-minute miles every day. I wish I could run that just once.

I need to scale back on running anyway.

I have the Warrior Dash next week!

Oh my god. I’m so excited. 

The race starts with mud right off the bat then from there it’s climbing and crazy obstacles. The last bit includes water. Man oh man. After reading about it in this issue’s Runners World, I am pumped up.

Who doesn’t want to jump through fire and get extremely dirty? You gotta be crazy.

I think I know what I’m going to wear though.

Some old shoes, shorts I don’t care about, and a sports bra. 

It’s says “MAN UP”.

And my stomach says, “I eat too many donuts.”

Has anyone else done the Warrior Dash or a race similar to it?

Well, well, well. It’s the time again. Time for honorable eats:

Baked falafel + spicy egg whites
 Fish + sweet potato fries
Carrot cake 

Happy September!

Killah Abs

15 Aug

Wanna know my success to a killer core?

Run 12 miles.

I was a hot mess afterwards.

By the way, I’m not the only person who takes photos of themselves in public places.

Jennifer Garner raises the bar for everyone. Hop to it, people.

Anyway, I know I said I was going to do a tempo run today, but I wanted to run this specific path that takes me from Portland’s Hawthorne Bridge to Sellwood Bridge. It’s about 30 minutes on one bike path, but it’s my favorite place to run currently so I went with it.

I died on the way back though. I don’t know why. I was just losing it and I wanted to walk, but I wouldn’t let myself.

But that’s not the only way to a tight core!

I do ab work every other day now before I go to bed. I did do it every night, but that’s insane. I’d rather watch Seinfeld or That 70’s Show.

My ab work is always three sets by 20 reps or more.

I wish I could say I have abs like these ladies,

but my stomach is just flat. It goes from being flat to looking like I am carrying twins in a matter of minutes though.

If you are not used to ab work, crunches do work. I know all those health magazines put down crunches, but they help in the beginning. After that, take it up to a notch.

Also, switching your core workout is of major importance so your core doesn’t get use to your usual routine.

Here are some of my favorite core workouts.

Workout #1:

Three Sets x 20 reps except for planks.

  • Regular plank 1 minute
  • Plank with one leg up and opposite arm up for 30 seconds. Switch sides.
  • Side plank for 30 seconds to a minute. Switch sides.
  • Medicine ball twist
  • Reverse crunch

  •  Scissor kicks – Don’t lift too high. Keep your legs low to the ground.
  • Bicycles x 40
  • Leg drop w/ medicine ball (my favorite)
  • Bridge w/ hip drop on swiss ball – for an extra challenge, set a medicine ball on hips
  • Oblique V-Up’s
Workout #2:
  • Crunches (preferably on Swiss ball)
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Bicycles x 40
  • Suitcase AKA knee in’s
  • Russian Twists
Workout #3:
  • Leg Raises/drops/whatever
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • V-Ups
  • Knee-Ins
  • Twisting Crunches (preferably on Swiss ball)
  • Crunches (preferably on Swiss ball)
My other core workout I have been doing is in this months’ Oxygen Magazine. I did it last night and it was awesome.
When I’m at the gym, I do hanging leg raises, captain chair’s, roll outs with barbell, and some others. 
And those are just a few of my core workouts. If you want more, let me know. 
A key to killer abs does not include this:
Or this:
It may include healthy fats.
It may also include gigantic consumption of veggies and falafel too.
 My co-workers think I eat too much.
In other news, I saw 30 Minutes or Less today. 
If you didn’t know already, I have a thing for Danny McBride. While most girls crush over Brad Pitt (he’s okay) or Justin Beaverhead, I prefer guys like Danny McBride and Seth Rogen. I’m strange. I know.
Well, there ya go.

The more you know…

“Long distance running is particularly good training in perseverance.”

Switchin’ It Up

14 Aug

 Hello fellas!

What’s happening?

Trust me, I don’t talk like that in real life. I sound a lot dumber.

Whew. I am so glad this week is finished! I had so much to do in so little time. My days were jam-packed.

You know you’re too busy that your car starts to look like a dump. Notice the apple core?

This week, I would wake up at the crack of dawn after getting home from work at 9:30 to eat, work out, shower, eat, go to work, die, etc. 

Here’s my review of this week’s workouts:

Monday: 9.38 miles @ 6:57 pace
Tuesday: 9.52 miles @ 6:49 pace
Wednesday: 8.66 miles @ 6:56 pace + weights
Thursday: 6 hour nap
Friday: 8.78 miles @ 7:01 pace + weights
Saturday: 14.14 miles @ 7:01 pace
Sunday: Weights + spin class + stretching

Total Mileage: 50.48

In actuality, I am very delighted with my mileage. I made it to the 50’s, which was fantastic. The thing is, I didn’t even stress about my mileage. I just ran how long I felt like it and I tried to up my pace. Go ahead and laugh at me. My pace never seems to progress. I felt super speedy on Friday and I was only running seven-minute miles. Ugh. I know I can run faster if I tried in a race so I need to do so in training runs. I think I may do a tempo run tomorrow then.

I am going to improve my running pace wise this week as well as switch up my workouts.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are only going to be cardio days. Then, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday will consist of cardio plus weights. On Wednesday I will do full body lifting routine while Friday will be focused on legs and Sunday will emphasize arms. I did arm work today and it was killer. I borrowed a little routine from Julie. By the way, I received some awesome items from Julie in a giveaway.

I always see this stuff on other blogger’s sites, but never have I used it.

How do you guys use NuStevia? Remember, I’m like half ape and cannot bake much so I need easy peasy recipes.

Anyway, as I was saying…

I am changing my workouts this week and that means I will not be performing ab work every night like I have been. I know, I am crazy. I realized, however, that I do not need to do ab work every night when I am dead tired. It takes me twice as long do to so because a) I’m exhausted and b) Seinfeld is more entertaining and I get distracted.

I switched my ab routine and now my abs are feeling it. So, now, I will be doing ab work every other day. There and there.

I don’t sound so cray cray anymore.

If you any killer ab routines, hit me up please!

Remember when I finished Racing Weight and I promised a review?

Yeah, that’s not gonna happen because what I have to say will bother some people and I don’t feel like dealing with it.

All I have to say is, if you are seriously considering any sport like swimming, running, biking as a career, you have to accept the fact that you may be underweight. You may not be a normal weight (by other’s opinions) because you are in peak condition to race. Lightness = quickness. That’s how it works. You may not have to be, like, 100 pounds, but you may have to be under your ‘healthy’ weight.

I personally really enjoyed the book and loved all the facts that were made. The author highlights that if you want to be lean, run 50+ miles a week. I didn’t like that the author, Matt Fitzgerald, said to not gain too much muscle because muscle doesn’t make you light. Then, after racing season, you can gain a few more pounds back, but never too much.

If one was to follow Matt Fitzgerald’s plan of being very lean, you would have a strict life and I don’t really like that. I want a cookie and damn right I will eat it. In the back of the book, there were eating plans of elite athletes and it was a lot. Some runners were eating like 10,000 calories, but Matt Fitzgerald never seemed to say that you could. He made it sound like you had to eat 1,500 calories for ultimate performance. I don’t know. I’m dumb so I could have misunderstood his words.

Overall rate: 6/10.

Hey, Matt Fitzgerald, look what I ate this week:

Of course I had some healthy foods too. 

 Pepper/onion/goat cheese tart + spinach cakes

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

“I was pushed by myself because I have my own rule, and that is that every day I run faster, and try harder.” – Wilson Kipketer