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I Lost _____ Pounds!

11 Jul

Hello my darlings! 

I have some really, really good news, but first let me know tell ya what’s been going on in my life for the past week or two. 

Sit back, get some iced tea, and enjoy.


1) I stuck to my promise and I am obviously updating again! I’m trying to get back in this whole blogging routine, which is difficultI love it though. I have so many great ideas for you.

2) I ran 6 miles on Monday! Tuesday and Wednesday were disappointing because there was a typhoon and really terrible weather so I couldn’t leave my room. Thursday I did some circuit training that involved running outside in the heat. Okay. I know this sounds crazy, but I get crazy anxiety when I run outside in the heat. Does anyone else feel like that? I start feeling like I’m trapped by four walls and I  can’t get out. 

Which reminds me… STORY TIME! 

I actually passed out like a few weeks ago when running outside. It was around 8 AM in the morning here in Japan and it was already like 98% humidity. I’m running and I kept taking breaks because I was seeing stars (not like celebrities unfortunately) and my arms were tingling. Well, that’s when the panic struck. I already have a history of panic/anxiety attacks so I knew what was happening. That’s when I flipped out and just passed out in the grass. Luckily, someone was driving by and got me to the hospital. I wasn’t dehydrated or anything. I was just panicky. 

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes! Friday was more circuit training! 

unnamed (1)

It involved running, mountain climbers, water jug carries, tire flips, push ups, lunges, and some core work. It was a killer 40 minute workout! It left my whole body sore today. Like my butt and thighs are jello. Can I just not move for the rest of my life?


3) I ran another 6+ miles today! 

unnamed (2)


I was sweating bullets at the end of it! By the way, who made the rule that you can’t read magazines while working out? That is actually, in fact, a stupid rule. First of all, I don’t even read half the pages unless the font is like gigantic. Secondly, I only look at the pictures because reading is for nerds. I don’t see the difference in watching trashy reality shows while working out versus reading Self magazine. 

3) I AM DOWN 14 LBS! I lost another 3 lbs this week and I’m so proud of myself. 


In addition, someone left a comment about me not eating enough calories while trying to lose weight. I would like to mention, in my defense, I take three types of medication for anxiety and depression. They leave with no appetite on some days (it varies). It’s not like I’m purposely starving myself. I understand that will totally mess up my metabolism and actually not help in the long run. I just wanted to point that out. I mean, I’d rather have my anxiety under control than have a raging appetite. 

Regardless, I eat. I love food. I’ve been aiming for 300-500 less calories everyday. I’ve been tracking my calories as well to make sure I’m not going crazy under what I should be eating. 

I am craving fries like a mothertrucker.


Well, now it’s Saturday for me. I have officially no plans and I normally don’t have plans for the weekend. I don’t have friends per say. I’ll probably go get some Subway and a Gatorade after I put some pants on. I mean…. I’m totally wearing pants right now. 


I promise I have pants on. 

However, I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. Any plans? Any long runs?

Love you all! I’m so glad to be back. 


Funnel Cakes and Deep Fried Oreo’s

15 Apr


I wish I could update daily, but it’s really difficult to fit in with four hours of liberty. During my time off after school, I work out, eat, call my mom, and get ready for the next day. I could easily update every day, but that would take away from my six hours of sleep.

My point is, I’m updating now so that is what truly matters, right? (:

My week went by fairly quick and it was actually a good week.

I finished up the baking section this week of my schooling. We baked chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls (so good), sweet potato pie, apple pie, cake, and much more sweets that would guarantee pack on a few pounds. All my products received an above average or an outstanding grade. With my written test, I got a 100%.

Now I’m onto more classes and Tuesday I cook again, but with larger quantities. I’m nervous because we have a small class, which means more work for us.

My week ended with a trip to Kings Dominion. It’s an amusement park in Virginia. I had a lot of fun! I went on every roller coaster about twice. Every roller coaster went upside down and after the second time through, my head was pounding. This didn’t help…


Yeah, it’s a funnel cake. But come on! How often do I eat funnel cakes? Like everyday. I also tried a deep fried Oreo. Oh my gosh. It was delicious, but that’s like  a once and a life time treat. Never again. 

Besides eating funnel cakes and redneck food, I eat a lot of Chinese food. I order Chinese food like every night.



I know. Who am I eating white rice?

I must say that I eat really well here. For breakfast, my meal usually consists of: melon, banana, an apple, some cottage cheese, and maybe raisins. 

For lunch I have a salad, lots of veggies, a pear, and cottage cheese.

Then for dinner it’s more of this:






The thing with Chinese food is that it fills me up quickly to the point where I’m like, “Oh boy, I’m stuffed.” I feel like I eat so much, but when I look back at my day, I barely have enough calories for breakfast and lunch. I still beat myself up after every meal no matter what I eat. I feel guilty with everything I eat. I don’t even understand.

I bought a scale too. I keep weighing myself. So far, I lost a pound this week versus the two I lost week so it’s a total of three pounds. I want to go back to my ‘normal’ weight, whatever I think that may be. However, I know that I won’t be happy with it. I back in that cycle of wanting perfection, yet I can’t have it. I cannot achieve it because perfection obviously doesn’t exist. I work my ass off to be ‘perfect’. I get frustrated when I cannot run or when I run slowly or I’m hurting. All my emotions here in Virginia are at an amplified level. I feel like I do not have control of my life whatsoever. 

I feel selfish, not in control, hopeless, and arrogant.

I’ll talk more about this later when I have my thoughts gathered. All I can say is for the several bloggers who challenged themselves by not working out for a week or so, good for you! That’s an accomplishment for someone who loves to exercise. Sounds silly, but in all honesty, it’s an accomplimsent.

Of course, I didn’t take part of that challenge. My week looked like this:

Monday: Two miles on the treadmill + 7.56 miles outside @ 7:05 + weights + elliptical
Tuesday: 8:69 miles @ 7:16 pace + elliptical
Wednesday: Field Day
Thursday: 8.69 miles @ 7:12 pace + elliptical
Friday: 9 miles @ 7:03 pace  + elliptical
Saturday: 9.12 miles @ 6:55 pace  + elliptical
Sunday: 10.65 miles @ 7:08  + weights

Total mileage: 55.71

I wish I could have gotten a longer run, but this morning my legs felt dead. I ran last night at six/seven PM and ran this morning at eleven. I don’t think that was enough time for my legs to refresh themselves. This week will be better.


I just keep telling myself to think positive and good things will happen.

What do you tell yourself to get through rough patches? 

“I was born to be a runner. I simply love to run. It’s almost like the faster I go, the easier it becomes.”
-Mary Decker Slaney

No More Comfort Zone

10 Feb

If there is one thing I learned from being away from home for three months is that you need to appreciate the small stuff. There are so many things we do take for granted and I know how cliché that sounds. Being away from home makes me miss the little things like driving my car with the music blasting, my dogs wagging their tails when I come home, and my mom’s home cooked meals.

We take showering for granted for goodness sakes! Our showers at boot camp were like two minutes long and we washed our hair maybe once a week. My showers at home are hot and short, but I still manage to wash my hair. Eating slowly? That’s taken for granted. Reading books for fun? I missed that insanely at boot camp.

It’s the tiny things that I missed. Family, pets, freedom.

My decision to join the Marines was rather snap. I believe if I would have thought it through thoroughly, I wouldn’t have joined. No one wants to leave their comfort zone. No one wants to leave their comfy sofa or their family. You gain the risk of being deployed in the future. You put yourself in danger. You leave your happiness, individuality, and freedom for three months of hell.

In the end, it’s worth it. There is so much more gained than lost.

My point is, to find happiness and the chance to make a difference; you have to leave your comfort zone. You have to put yourself out there and take a risk. You have to try something to gain something. Waking up every day at six AM, eating your oats, working out, and going to school or whatever isn’t making a difference. You are not improving yourself or the ones around you. You are in a rut. The same old routine, which of course is the comfort zone, is worthless after a while.

That’s why I joined the Marines. I wanted a challenge and, gee whiz, am I being challenged mentally. Leaving my family is tough. Leaving my routine is tough. I would love to do my same old routine daily, but what’s my purpose? Yeah, so I run faster than the average person, but that’s not going to do anything unless there is a miracle and I get sponsored. I have to put myself out there. YOU have to put yourself out there. You have to leave something you love to find something you love even more and something that improves your self-worth. It could be going to college, or it could be finding a job and forgetting about college. Just remember, you don’t have to go to college if it isn’t for you. Just because everyone else is going to college, doesn’t mean you have to. It’s the norm currently, I understand, but there is so much more out there. Find what you really want and then go for it.

Leaving your comfort zone is not easy. You have to think positively though. Think good, happy thoughts. Think that at the end of the road, everything will be better. My advice is to not think about it. Just do it and see how is pans out. I guarantee that everything will be okay.