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I Lost _____ Pounds!

11 Jul

Hello my darlings! 

I have some really, really good news, but first let me know tell ya what’s been going on in my life for the past week or two. 

Sit back, get some iced tea, and enjoy.


1) I stuck to my promise and I am obviously updating again! I’m trying to get back in this whole blogging routine, which is difficultI love it though. I have so many great ideas for you.

2) I ran 6 miles on Monday! Tuesday and Wednesday were disappointing because there was a typhoon and really terrible weather so I couldn’t leave my room. Thursday I did some circuit training that involved running outside in the heat. Okay. I know this sounds crazy, but I get crazy anxiety when I run outside in the heat. Does anyone else feel like that? I start feeling like I’m trapped by four walls and I  can’t get out. 

Which reminds me… STORY TIME! 

I actually passed out like a few weeks ago when running outside. It was around 8 AM in the morning here in Japan and it was already like 98% humidity. I’m running and I kept taking breaks because I was seeing stars (not like celebrities unfortunately) and my arms were tingling. Well, that’s when the panic struck. I already have a history of panic/anxiety attacks so I knew what was happening. That’s when I flipped out and just passed out in the grass. Luckily, someone was driving by and got me to the hospital. I wasn’t dehydrated or anything. I was just panicky. 

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes! Friday was more circuit training! 

unnamed (1)

It involved running, mountain climbers, water jug carries, tire flips, push ups, lunges, and some core work. It was a killer 40 minute workout! It left my whole body sore today. Like my butt and thighs are jello. Can I just not move for the rest of my life?


3) I ran another 6+ miles today! 

unnamed (2)


I was sweating bullets at the end of it! By the way, who made the rule that you can’t read magazines while working out? That is actually, in fact, a stupid rule. First of all, I don’t even read half the pages unless the font is like gigantic. Secondly, I only look at the pictures because reading is for nerds. I don’t see the difference in watching trashy reality shows while working out versus reading Self magazine. 

3) I AM DOWN 14 LBS! I lost another 3 lbs this week and I’m so proud of myself. 


In addition, someone left a comment about me not eating enough calories while trying to lose weight. I would like to mention, in my defense, I take three types of medication for anxiety and depression. They leave with no appetite on some days (it varies). It’s not like I’m purposely starving myself. I understand that will totally mess up my metabolism and actually not help in the long run. I just wanted to point that out. I mean, I’d rather have my anxiety under control than have a raging appetite. 

Regardless, I eat. I love food. I’ve been aiming for 300-500 less calories everyday. I’ve been tracking my calories as well to make sure I’m not going crazy under what I should be eating. 

I am craving fries like a mothertrucker.


Well, now it’s Saturday for me. I have officially no plans and I normally don’t have plans for the weekend. I don’t have friends per say. I’ll probably go get some Subway and a Gatorade after I put some pants on. I mean…. I’m totally wearing pants right now. 


I promise I have pants on. 

However, I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. Any plans? Any long runs?

Love you all! I’m so glad to be back. 


Recovery Running

2 Sep

You know what I love?

Cold donuts.

I kept two donuts from work the other day in the fridge until I left and they were delicious.

Warm temperature donuts are blahhh compared to cold ones.

Go ahead. Call me a snob.

You know what else I love?

The fact that Miley Cyrus shops at Trader Joe’s.

Miley does not tell a lie.

Anyway, what’s going on, buddies?

I have a day off from work so I’m totally splurging on the computer and studying my little ass off for the re-take of my ASVAB test. I need to learn my commands and ranks too. Gosh.

This old guy at my gym told me I am going to make a special Marine. I’m not sure what special he was talking about, but I’ll take it! Any compliment is a good compliment, right?

Also, this week I have definitely scaled back on running. Dur, Christy. Running four weeks straight of 50 miles is a little tough even though you don’t feel it until now.

It’s not that I’m sore, but if I am literally dragging myself through runs and can barely make it thirty minutes without dying first, then I need to taper down. I spent some time on the elliptical this week instead. I still sweat like a teenage boy so it’s all good. My face shows it.

I think for any runner, it is very difficult to slow down on runs or even run fewer miles. You look at your Garmin and see a seven-minute mile or whatever the number is, and it really messes with your head. You think you’re out of shape or losing your game, but that is not the case. It’s just a slow recovery run that we do need.

 It’s always difficult for me to see seven minute miles on a run or to only run thirty minutes. I think I need to go, go, go in order to be the best or the fastest. Well, that obviously isn’t helping currently because all my runs in the past two weeks are deteriorating. I am running slower because I just can’t go any faster and then I just don’t want to run. It’s a never-ending cycle, but I need to accept the fact that I need to reduce my mileage and allow some recovery time in order to improve. No one gets faster by running five-minute miles every day. I wish I could run that just once.

I need to scale back on running anyway.

I have the Warrior Dash next week!

Oh my god. I’m so excited. 

The race starts with mud right off the bat then from there it’s climbing and crazy obstacles. The last bit includes water. Man oh man. After reading about it in this issue’s Runners World, I am pumped up.

Who doesn’t want to jump through fire and get extremely dirty? You gotta be crazy.

I think I know what I’m going to wear though.

Some old shoes, shorts I don’t care about, and a sports bra. 

It’s says “MAN UP”.

And my stomach says, “I eat too many donuts.”

Has anyone else done the Warrior Dash or a race similar to it?

Well, well, well. It’s the time again. Time for honorable eats:

Baked falafel + spicy egg whites
 Fish + sweet potato fries
Carrot cake 

Happy September!

Somebody Call the Fire Department

20 Aug

…to hose me down. It’s hot here today in Portland!

Whew.  Hi, friends!

No need to call anyone to force me to take a shower or shave my legs because I did that after being in my own sweat for four hours. I was unconscious for most of that time though since I took a nap after my run.

I ran today starting at 8:30 in Lake Oswego where the snobby, rich people live. It’s one of my favorite towns in Oregon to run in just because I like running by the mansions and Audi’s. I pretend like I belong.

I finished my run a bit before 10:30 due to bathroom breaks and breaks to stop and breathe because I was dying. It was so hot I took my top off. I didn’t put it back on until I started running by a park with children. I felt wrong.

Damn myself though. I forgot to re-press the start button after I stopped at 1:09 so I probably ran for another 10-15 minutes before realizing it.

So, I know I ran for over 1:33 minutes today, but I don’t know how much exactly. My Garmin says I ran 13.87 miles, but it had to be 14 point something. Whateva. I know I ran my best.

Yeah, right. I just laughed in my own face.

By the way, I ran in my new shoes!

No better way to break in a pair of shoes than by running 14 miles in them.

I didn’t take a picture of them on my feet yet (because I suppose you want to see that. I don’t know.) because my legs looked like a hippie’s armpit. Anyway, they felt super light and they fit snuggly. I hope that they continue to feel A-Oh-kay. I swear Adidas makes the best running shoes. Nike can suck it.

You know what else can suck it?

Get your head out of the gutter, Pippa. You are better than that.

My hunger. Or should I say my lack of hunger.

Yesterday I was not hungry at all. I didn’t even eat dinner during my lunch break at work. I waited until 9:30 then I had tofu pizza.

During my break, I just had some bubble tea and stuffed mushrooms.

However, in the last few days, my hunger has gone from wanting to eat everything...

 to nothing at all.

I am just not hungry. It blows because I like eating food so I eat it anyway.

I like big burritos and I cannot lie.

Suck it, non-hunger pains. I’m continuing to eat until you come back.


Let’s Catch Up

8 Jul

What’s crackin’?

Thank you for all the amazing compliments and words on my half marathon. You guys really know how to make a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m glad today I have a day off from work today. I missed the blogging world. I’m finally caught up on reading and commenting my favorite blogs so that’s a load off my back. If only I would put the same amount of effort into doing college tests before my orientation next week. College… pshhh. Who needs it?

I’ll be honest, you guys didn’t miss much of my exciting life of running and work.

Monday: Race

Tuesday: I should have just done the elliptical this day because I felt awful as in sick. I’ll save you the details. On my run, I had side aches so I stopped to breathe. Breathing… you know, you need it. Then at the end of my run, my stomach was like, “Find a bathroom.” Yeah, I know that is TMI. It’s true. It happens.

I was also running in new shoes. I returned my Green Silence shoes since they effed up my knee and I tried on these:

They felt fine on and then when I ran in them, they just felt chunky. I told myself not to go back to Nike shoes and I did. I returned them anyway. Might as well stick with my Adidas. They seem to work. My foot issue has been dwindling.

Wednesday: I made this a hill day. I love hills. Bring them on.

Thursday: I wasn’t sure what I was up for. I just know I wanted to add sprints to my run. It’s easier to add sprints to a run than do a track workout. I loathe the track. The track makes me feel like a hamster just running around in circles.

I guess my sprints weren’t that quick though. I was rather tired. My legs were dead. Don’t even say it because I know I should have given my legs a rest this week, but I was such in a running high. Despite my sprints being more like ‘run faster so you can get home quicker‘ type sprint, I was breathing hard and I was super sweaty. That just means I need to do more sprints and quick runs! Dur.

Friday: Today I was like, “Legs, I’ll give you a break.” I went on the elliptical for a while and watched

Nothing like becoming inspired to ride a bike. Can woman race in the tour?

I also went to this class called RIPPED. Today we went outside to the track (I just can’t avoid the track, can I?) and the workout looked like this:

– Warm up lap
15 reps of leg back lunge, military press with one leg balanced, squats with lifting weight in front, abs, and single arm row with one leg balanced.
Run another lap then repeat 5x

I got sweaty even though I was only lifting a 15-pound barbell. Since the weight was lighter than what I normally would do, I just went deeper in my squats and lunges. My chest is actually hurting from the military press. Cray cray.


Well, I finally gave in and ordered The New Rules of Lifting for Women.

It’s just taking forever to get here! I don’t know about you, but when I am expecting a magazine (ahem Oxygen) or books in the mail, I want them pronto. Every day when the mail carrier comes, I run out to the mailbox in my compression socks (holla I just bought some) and sandals and rip through the mail. My brother gets more mail than I do and he doesn’t even live at our house.

I was thinking of ordering this book:

I was also thinking of this book:

When I was talking to a woman ultra runner, she recommended his book.

Any reviews/thoughts? Should I go for it?

It’s nice having money in my pocket except I’m frugal and don’t want to buy anything like dinner. Since I work until 9 PM, I have to get dinner out.

Last night I had the best burrito. Well, it was hot and I loved it. It was from Laughing Planet Cafe and on it was: organic brown rice, black beans, sweet potato, fresh spinach, jicama, jerk sauce, and pico de gallo.

It hit the spot.

On Wednesday, I went to a crepe food cart by my work to order roasted sweet yam crepe with (clearly) sweet yam, apple, zucchini, squash, red onion, and agave nectar.

It was just alright.

More honorable eats:

Dinner before the race was a veggie calzone

Tofu + chickpeas + green peas +kale

I got to hit the hay early tonight. Work calls at 6 AM. Booo.

Enjoy your work free weekend!

Questions for you:
– Did I miss anything exciting when I was busy doing my thang?
– Is it difficult for you to spend money?
Oh, random fact of the day. What do Emma Watson and I have in common? We both are gorgeous and know how to dress. We have the same sports bra. Shout to Emma! Holla girl. Getting sport bras at Victoria’s Secret is where it is at.

“To a runner, a side stich is like a car alarm. It signifies something is wrong, but you ignore it until it goes away.”

Pump It Up

2 Jul

My Saturday has so far looked like this:

  • Wake up at seven and lay in bed while the alarm goes off for a few minutes
  • Eat breakfast/ice foot
  • Clean the downstairs of my house
  • Go to the gym for spin class and elliptical (my foot was feeling not so peachy keen)
  • Come home, eat lunch
  • Leave to get nails done – painted blue for my 4th of July race
  • Get eyebrows waxed
  • Tan
  • Shower at 2:30 ish
  • Eat some more
I haven’t had my nails done in months. It felt so nice. I got my feet done too and I was ready to fall asleep. I couldn’t forget my eyebrows though. It’s like tradition for me to get my eyebrows done before a race. That extra hair will slow me down, folks.

That reminds me…

My half marathon is in two days! Oh my goodness. It’s going to be my first half marathon that I’m racing.

I already picked up my bib number

and t-shirt.

I got skills. 

While I was at Fit Right NW getting my racing gear, I got a half marathon tee.

I’m not that pale. It’s called my camera likes to make me look like a vamp.

I feel prepared for my half marathon. Mentally, I am pumped. I feel like kicking some ass. Just hopefully my foot is on board also.

Physically, I know I can run 13.1 miles. I know I could win a bread pudding contest too, but I’m getting off topic. Physically, I’m ready if my foot is too. I’m just pumped up! I got some new Nike tempo shorts and a matching neon shirt. I’ll be sure to take photos.

In addition, there is this girl from my cross-country team that pisses me off to no end and she too is running the half marathon. I’ll be the first to admit that I am one for hardcore competition. Little does she know, it’s a race for me to beat her… and the 2,000 other runners. 

Tomorrow I am still unsure on how much I should run; if I should at all. I know on half marathon training programs they say do not run at all, but if I don’t do some sort of movement, the next day my legs feel heavy. Should I do like four easy miles or less than that?

Overall, tomorrow will be a rather restful day after I get home from work. It’s my mom’s birthday! She’s turning, like, 30. My dad is going to be home too (he’ll be here for my race. Yes!) and we are – I think – going to one of my favorite Italian restaurant. It’s called Jopa and they have a veggie calzone the size of my head. Not kidding. Cheese just melting out and sauce oozing. Get in my belly.

If anyone else has a race this 4th of July weekend, I wish you the best.

Run hard. Run fast.

Trip some people up if you have to. Who said runners can’t be violent?

Also, if any runner has a race this weekend or coming up, here are tips to make sure you run your best race:

The Day Before the Race:
• Rest your legs. If you go to the expo, try to go early and not spend hours walking around.
• Drink plenty of water all day.
• Lay out your race-day clothing

Race Day:
• Keep to your eating routine. If you usually eat before a long run, do it. If not, remember that the time between getting up and starting the race is at least two hours, not the half-hour or 45 minutes it is for a training run.
• Arrive with enough time.
• Get in line for the portable toilets right away.

 Any more tips for running a race – half marathon or not?



“If one could run without getting tired I don’t think one would often want to do anything else.” 
– C.S. Lewis

Insane in the membrane

1 Jul

Yesterday was insane.

Of course I started my day off with a run.

I sure felt speedy. I slowed down obviously. In the end I was just running back and forth to get to an hour.

I went sleeveless even though it was cold out. Yes, cold in the summer!

Foot update: I have been waking up with less foot pain. Now I have a dull feeling/pain in my heel and the right side of my right foot feels iffy just by the small toe. I wish I could get it checked out, but that’s not going to happen. Whatever. For two days now I get home from the gym and dump my foot in a huge bucket of ice. That helps a lot. I wish there was something else I could do. Walking around barefoot in my house (or with socks) feels ehhhh compared to wearing shoes.

I got dressed yesterday in proper clothes. Insane!

Why am I wearing jeans even though it is summer time? Uh, because yesterday it was in the 60’s and cloudy. No sun whatsoever. Also, I haven’t shaved my legs since… Thursday? Maybe later than that. I was trying to wait until Sunday to shave since it’s tradition for me to wait the day before a race, but I am wearing shorts today. No more monkey hairy legs. You are welcome, America.

My dinner was insane!

That is a mountain of potatoes and a mountain of eggs covered with mushrooms, spinach, and yellow squash. I love eggs just not as much ice cream…

Yeah, I went there. I went to the all mighty Coldstone and got the ‘pie who loved me’. You know what’s insane? That was six bucks. So good.

Let the insane-ness continue…

Last night was traumatic. I normally don’t exaggerate so believe when I say that last night was really traumatic for me… and my two doggies.

I got home around nine PM. I have a German short hair pointer puppy that needs at least three walks a day otherwise, he gets crazy and tears up everything. Therefore, I went to walk him around the block with my dachshund Pete.  I already went down a few streets and I see this guy walking these two St. Bernard’s. I know these St. Bernard’s well. I see them often in the yard. Never have I seen them being walked though. Anyway, he could barely handle them. I just stood there, told Pete to stop barking, and waited for the guy to being walking again so I could continue. I walked some more, went up a big hill, and down a dirt alley and say the guy again. I stopped again because I saw he could not handle his dogs. His dogs came charging at my two little dogs and my dogs starting crying. His St. Bernard literally knocked my puppy to the ground and was ready to bite. My two dogs are crying and then they both come out of their collars. My dog Pete takes off running. I will remind you, Pete is a black dachshund and it’s dark out. He’s running down a busy street and you can barely see him. My other dog Dean takes off in the opposite direction. All this time, this guy with the two St. Bernard’s is doing NOTHING. I start running after Pete then stop because he is too far off and I have to worry about Dean. Luckily, two people come out of their house and help. They grab Dean for me. Did the guy with the St. Bernard’s say anything? No. He stood there. I thanked the people for grabbing Dean and I picked him up. He was shaking. I put his collar back on (my dogs were both on leashes) and apologized. Why did I apologize? I don’t know. I did not do anything wrong. I just took off running with Dean screaming for Pete because that’s when I saw two cars stopped. I thought, “Oh shit. He’s been hit. He’s hit.” I literally just start screaming and crying. I see another car speeding on a road that is 25 miles per hour and another car honking its horn. I just scream, “Slow down! Stop!” I thought for sure Pete was hit.

He wasn’t. This lady gets out of her car telling me to calm down and that my dog just kept running. I am bawling. I run down another street and just keep calling for Pete. Finally, I just think I should run home and tell my mom.

I get closer to home and my mom is yelling that Pete is there. Pete was fine. Dean was okay. They were just both shaken up. My mom asks me what happened and I can’t talk. I’m crying.  I was pissed too. I was pissed at the guy with the St. Bernard’s. If you can’t handle your dogs, walk one at a time or something. He never walks them anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love St. Bernard’s. They are my favorite breed. I use to have one. It wasn’t the dogs’ fault. It was their owner.

Last night was just insane. What makes it even more insane is some guy at the store (before all of this went down) was in his car and kept trying to talk to me. Then he got out of his car and just watched me. I was so freaked out. He looked like a major creeper too. He had long hair that hasn’t been washed in weeks. Ugh.

Insane in the membrane.

Fortunately, today hasn’t been as insane.

It still included a run that I forgot to re-start my Garmin after 41 minutes. I bet it was around 8 miles though since I still went for an hour.

I’m going to hope that today isn’t as insane as yesterday. It’s gonna rock. How about that?

How about I not make that face again.

Have a great weekend and happy July!

– Any insane stories you want to share?
– Best thing to get at Coldstone? 

You Know You’re a Runner When…

22 Jun

you steal running surveys from other runners.

What is your favorite type of cross training?

I use the elliptical a lot. I also lift weights and bike, but lifting is my favorite. I find it relaxing.

What is your favorite song to run to?

I never run to music honestly. I’ll listen to some beforehand like Pink or something upbeat just to get me pumped up.

What brand of shoes do you wear?

Currently it’s Adidas. I still am thinking about getting New Balance shoes.

I have had my fair share of shoes though. This isn’t even all of them. I have three more that aren’t pictured. Well, four pairs actually.

Do you wear a hat when you run?

Only if it is raining, which happens when you live in Portland.

What temperature is your favorite for running?

In the 50’s or 60’s. Anything that isn’t too hot or too cold so I can just wear shorts and a tee.

Do you have any big races coming up?

I have a half marathon on July 4th! Holla.

What is your favorite distance?

I have done many distances like 400, 800, 1500, 3000, 20k, 15k, 12k, and a 10k. I like anything that is long so a 15k. I have run a half marathon, but not a half marathon race so we’ll see how that goes. I love long distances. Hey, I see a marathon in my future.

Are you a morning, noon, or evening runner?

Morning all the way! I hate noon running. I don’t know why. I do run in the evening if I have to. Besides, all my XC practices are in the evening.

Do you run solo or with a buddy?

Obviously during XC season I am with my team. I like to run solo so I can go at my own pace. For me, sometimes a buddy just slows you down. I know, that sounds really selfish. I do like running with friends though.

This picture may show otherwise. I’m the one obviously running in the opposite direction. What’s wrong with me? 

What is your favorite post run snack?

My yogurt bowl mess of nut butters, Greek yogurt, protein bar, and protein powder. I eat that with fruit.

What is your favorite race?

So far, I haven’t done many races outside of XC season. However, up to this point, my favorite race has been the Forest Park Trail Race 20k. I love me some trails.

As for XC meets, my favorite was at state when my team and I were seconds away from not making the start.

Though, having one of our meets in San Francisco was amazing!

Do you wear a Garmin? If not, how do you track your distance?

I definitely wear a Garmin. Period.

What is my least favorite race?

Regional’s in Idaho. I was just not into it. You know how you have those days were you’re off and you just know, “Oh, this run/race/workout isn’t going to be that great because I’m not into it.”? That’s how I felt.  I was into the warmup before the race. My team and I were listening to Blink 182 and singing while we ran, but other than that, I was not pumped up. I was just, like, super nervous about the start. Besides, it was f-ing cold.

Where is your favorite medal from?

XC season. It was my first year doing XC and I got a medal for being Rookie of the Year and Senior of the Year.

Who is your running idol?

I love Pam Reed. I wouldn’t say she is my running idol per say, but I really adore her. I love her book. She deals with anorexia. She’s like 100 pounds, but knocks out 20+ miles a day. Also, Pam Reed doesn’t let her weight slow her down despite what people think about her. She may look crazy in her pictures, but she’s so inspirational for women runners. Read her book. It’s fantastic.

I also worship Dean Karnazes. He’s just so badass. I think I like him a lot because his books were the first running books I picked up.

How long have you been a runner?

Basically since the middle/end of junior year of high school so maybe a little over a year and a half. I picked up running since I stopped doing boot camps and kickboxing. I didn’t join track until junior year then I loved running so much I joined cross-country senior year. That’s when I became a runner. I stopped focusing on running to be fit, but I focused on running to better myself and to compete. I love competition.

Do you run with your wedding/engagement ring on?
Well, since I am not married…. no.

What is your favorite workout? tempo? long run? fartlek? repeats?
I like long runs and fartleks. Tempos are okay if you’re with someone. Same with repeats. I need to be with someone to enjoy it.

What is your favorite place to run?
I have a favorite running route currently, but I do just love running in the woods.

Do you use Gu?
Nope. I never have. Old school! Actually, not really old school. I just never had the need for Gu.

What do you drink to keep hydrated?
Water. I drink so much that I pee like all the time. You know you’re a runner when you have considered peeing in public just behind a tree because that’s what you do when you’re on a run.

What do you take with you on a run? Does it vary by distance?
Just my Garmin and maybe my car keys. And my legs. I need those.

Question for you:

How did you know when you were a runner? (Funny or serious)
Or, if you don’t run, how did you know you were a cyclist/weight lifter/etc? 

You know you’re a runner when…

…you learn to blow snot from your nose while running. (I have mastered that.)
…you know where every public bathroom is on your run. (So true for me.)
…a good run has scars to prove it.

serving sizes don’t matter anymore.
…you enjoy running hills.
…you have some nasty veins in your feet and ankles.
…every road you drive on you think what a great hill workout this would be.
…you take pictures of yourself in the bathroom after a good run.

…a burrito the size of a small infant doesn’t fill you.