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Photo Overload of Awesomeness

15 Aug


That’s like the only thing I know in Japanese and I have been living here for three months now. Crazy, huh? Time flies.

I feel like I haven’t updated in forever! Oh my gosh. I have been super busy with life and work. My day starts at 4:30 AM and usually, if I’m lucky, ends at 9 PM. Last night, however, I was at work until 9:20. I was so dead tired. Then, my internet has sucked lately.  Well, by internet I mean the internet I steal from whose ever room is closest to mine that has wifi.

Fortunately for you guys, I have one hell of an update. 

Let’s begin with Saturday…

I started my morning off with a 13.22 mile run on the treadmill. I’m just a real trooper probably because I had my new shirt on.

It’s from the show The Office in case you didn’t know.

After my working out, I ate some waffles then chilled on my bed before I got some iced coffee and a little peanut butter muffin off base at some cute cafe.

Their ice coffee was the bomb too. Japanese make the best coffee.

After my little snack, I went crazy again…

Yeah, I got another tattoo. Cost me $200 bucks. I’m so happy. I love it to death.

I know everyone is like, “What is the meaning behind your tattoo?” Honestly, can’t I just get one to get one?

Well, I got a feather.

I actually got a feather because, to me personally, it symbolizes independence. Like, I see a feather just floating as freedom and being free. Wow, Christy. I just repeated myself in two different ways. You’re welcome.

I also found this feather in some art work I was looking at and I just thought it was beautiful.

Please excuse my huge thighs. I hate them too. It’s fine.

In my opinion, I really love tattoos. You hear a lot of people say, “Women shouldn’t get tattoos and women should not be muscular.” Such B.S. I think tattoos are beautiful and look so much better on women with muscles.

Saturday night I hung out with my two best guy friends and just went around town off base. Hit up the beach, a bar or two, got  tacos, made some friends…


Yes, that is a lion on my shirt. My spirit animal is a lion.

And I’m a hippie. ‘Sup?

Sunday was another day for me to run ten miles or so and to chill out. I can’t remember what I did besides go to the grocery store to buy goodies for my foodie pen pal. First legit foodie pen pal and I’m so excited! Legit, my friends.

As for Monday and Tuesday, those days are just a blur. Work is work.  Exercise is good for my soul and keeps me sane.

By the way, that reminds me…


I can buy the shoes I want now. Holla.

Well, I hope the rest of you are having a good week. Tell me about it the comments below. 


Overdue WIAW

8 Aug


I haven’t done one of these in forever. I might I as well though. I have about three and half hours left of my duty job (out of 24 hours). I have gotten 3.5 hours of sleep too.

So. Exhausted. So. Smelly. Need. Shower.

But I’m still going to knock one of of these out…

If I was back home in the states, my summer staples would include ice cream, fro yo, roasted veggies, fish, tofu, and lots of meals eaten out.

Sadly, I’m here. In Japan.

If I want to eat out, my options are wait until the weekend or order Pizza Hut, Popeye’s, Taco Bell, Subway, Burger King, or Baskin Robbins. I already eat enough pizza as it is and I don’t really care for the rest.

I get salads daily, which is the positive aspect of living here and working in the chow hall. However, whatever the chow hall is serving that day, I don’t eat it unless it’s vegetables. I just eat my own snacks. It makes me laugh actually. No one thinks I eat, but I do so here it goes

As you can see, I eat a lot of snacky foods. I like eating a lot of little things throughout the day and just eating a big breakfast then later on a big dinner. My dinner is usually breakfast again. Funny how that is.

On a new note…

I only revisited some of my goals. I was thinking about this:

  • Limit pizza intake because I love pizza too much.
  • Only sweets on weekend, not during the week, and they must be ‘worth’ it. Then, I can buy myself some clothes that I want.
  • Go to sleep by 9 PM. I normally do for the most part. My problem is that I sleep with my phone by my ear and every time I receive a text message, I text back, delaying my sleep.
  • Continue eating no fried foods even after August 15th

I’m sure I have more, but it’s 4 Am and I’m so tired. I can also smell myself, which is nasty. On top of that, I can hear someone snoring from their room. Must be nice to sleep.

Well, enjoy your Wednesday. Tell everyone what you ate  verbatim so no one is disappointed. 


7 Aug

I blog currently from the entrance of my barracks, where I reside on 24 hour duty. I’m on hour five I believe. Nineteen more hours to go.

I have no idea if the above sentence makes sense, but let’s just say with all these free hours I have, I will be posting a lot.

So I started my morning off at 4:30 AM to go on a run on the treadmill at the gym. It was tough waking up. I didn’t get home last night until ten PM. Next time I read someone having to work early/over time, wake up earlier than seven, or write a paper for school, I’m going to be pissed. Try working from 7:30 AM to 10 PM. Yeah, complain to me then.

Anyway, my run went well. I ran 10 miles on the treadmill and then hopped on the stair climber for about twenty minutes. I did the same thing Tuesday as well. 

Ten miles seems reasonable for me to do. I actually don’t mind running on the treadmill any more. As long as I got a TV in front of me, some good tunes, people to watch, and a fan, I can run for a long time.

The Olympics keep me entertained forever!

Oh my gosh. I am that girl at the gym who watches the Olympics and gets too excited. I start yelling at the TV. “GO, LOLO, GO!”


I recently just read an article Time Magazine about Lolo Jones. She’s so incredible. 


Growing up in Des Moines, Iowa, jones was a five-star prospect — as a thief. Jones pilfered food for survival. She was fast, which helped during getaways. And she didn’t have a larcenous profile. “My dad would always say they’re never going to suspect me because they never look at a cute young girl,” says Jones. Her father shuttled in out of prison but tutored her in the fine art of snatching TV dinners. “There was definitely shame for sure, but looking back, I was able to eat,” she says. “There’s a Hungry-Man — steak and potatoes and a little brownie — you’re like, I’m all over that.”

Jones’ mother worked low-paying clerical and housekeeping jobs to support Lolo and her four siblings. The family bounced around apartments, and Jones went to eight schools in eight years. Given such upheaval, she struggled to keep friends. “The hardest thing was not having those conversations with a girl pal, like when you’re talking hours on the phone,” she says. “I don’t remember those moments.”

When Lolo was in third grade, the family became homeless and bunked in the basement of a Salvation Army church. “That was the dark place where the kids just would not go,” Jones says. “And all of a sudden, we’re living there. I just remember the open showers and coldness to it.” To hide her dismal plight from other kids, she would wake up early to play in the church gym before children arrived for camp. That way, it appeared that someone had dropped her off.

Jones was always running: when the family car broke down, she would jump out and sprint to the store. The practice paid off. She picked up the hurdles in high school and showed so much promise that in her junior year, when her mother moved to Forest City, Iowa — about 125 miles (200 km) north of Des Moines — Lolo stayed behind to pursue a college scholarship. She lived with three different families before leaving for college, still struggling to fit in. “Think about her situation,” says former Des Moines Register editor Randy Essex, who took Jones in for 16 months. “Her dad is in and out of her life, her family moved a lot, and all of a sudden she moves in with these people who are pretty much strangers.”

Read more: http://olympics.time.com/2012/07/19/lolo-jones-olympic-hurdler/#ixzz22vDkkhWd


She’s definitely one of my favorites this year.

I’m so angry that I couldn’t watch the marathon due to the typhoon! Ah, it was so traumatic that I missed it. I can’t find any videos of it either. Youtube? I don’t know.

It still gives me the chills. 


I don’t even know the full story of the marathon, but seeing photos makes me so incredibly happy. It makes me want to run. It makes me want to a run a marathon.


As soon as I get out of the Marines, I’m going to college and running. Running all the time. I know it’s so far fetched to be like, “Hey, I want to be in the Olympics and run marathons and be pro and blah blah blah”, but that’s how I feel. So what? A girl can dream, right?

I think it’s okay to dream big and to have enormous goals. It doesn’t hurt anyone really.

I have a lot of goals. They change daily. As of now, my goal is to go 21 days (and longer) without fried foods such as onion rings and French fries. I’m doing great.

My next goal is to make it without sweets. Not going too well actually. I need to re-think that goal and add rules or something.

My other goals include:

  • Run a marathon
  • Run an ultras for a living
  • Run a 24 hour race
  • Go to Finland
  • Run international races
  • Run professional
  • Write for fitness magazines
  • Coach

What are your goals?

Typhoon Party

6 Aug

I’ll just start off by saying Monday was a terrible day for me. I woke up so motivated to run, but the day before (Sunday, in case you forgot) was so stormy. Apparently, there was a typhoon comping our way.


I woke up Monday morning at 4:30 AM to just to get to the gym by 5 AM. I went downstairs in my barracks and I couldn’t go. It was so windy, rainy, and whatever else could take away Dorthy’s house in the Wizard of Oz.

I died inside. I was so ready for a run.

The rest of the day was just down hill from there. Let’s just say my new sweets challenge is extended another day. Or two…

Let me rewind to the weekend because I really don’t want to be a Debbie Downer here.


I ran 10.90 miles on the treadmill. Imagine that!


Thanks to the Olympics, good music, and my love for running, I can handle the treadmill. I can’t handle when guys tell me the other guys have been talking about me. Apparently, I dress to provocatively and wear short-shorts. Umm, it’s called running clothes. How come females always get hit on what they wear and they put themselves ‘out there’? There are guys at the gym who wear shorter shorts than me! I’m not kidding. Screw them. I dress to be comfortable when I run and to not drown in my own sweat. I don’t dress to look cute. My motto is that by the end of my workout, I should look ugly as hell. By the way, I am literally the only female at the gym the majority of the time so of course I’m going to look damn good.

Did you know they try to regulate women grunting while playing tennis? I guess it’s offensive and freaks out the men. Get over it.

Anyway, I spent the rest of my day grocery shopping with my roommate.

It’s crazy how we get along so well. She’s more of a lifter and I’m more a cardio queen. We both love bananas and have like three tubs of protein powder. We even went to bootcamp together!

I bought the usual of Greek yogurt, Puffins cereal, Kashi waffles, nuts, baby food, and Naked drinks.

In addition, I got my eyebrows waxed. I took a mirror photo just to prove it so none of you would think I’m a liar.


You all know I got my tattoo later that night and I scheduled an appointment for next week to get another.

Saturday night I went out with my two best guy friends. I may or may not have consumed an alcoholic beverage. Just one. I don’t see the appeal of drinking so I don’t really do it. It’s pointless to me.

Random transition, but here it goes. I hang out with guys. My roommate is my only girl friend and we don’t even hang out that much. The problem with hanging out with guys is they get use to you and begin talking to you like you are one of their guy friends. I was “fat” and a “butterface” all in one night. Way to hit a girl’s self esteem.

Moving on.


I ran another ten miles and didn’t really do anything else.

It was raining out all day and at night it began to storm badly. Lightning, wind, and all that good stuff. That was my hint to order pizza.


Well, that was my weekend, but I have some more honorable eats to share!

Can it be Friday already?

Another 21 Days

1 Aug


Thank you for all the comments on my last post. I really do appreciate everyone’s comment and opinion. This is America. Say what you want whether you disagree or agree. I love to hear it all.

Happy August!

My whole no fried food challenge is going great. I haven’t had any fried food. August 15th is when I can buy those running shoes I want. Actually, my challenge is going so great that I gave myself a second one. 

No sweets, excluding Starbucks’ coffee because I can’t resist. I can, but come on now. Starbucks is the world’s greatest… I don’t even know what to call it. It’s amazing.

So, August 1st was the start of my ‘no sweets’ challenge and so far I’m passing. Once I make it to August 21st, I plan on buying myself a purse and probably some more running clothes. I buy too much as it is so this is how I limit myself.

Besides, I feel better not eating all that crap. I really do. I have more energy and I don’t feel so loaded down. I need energy because…

Wednesday morning I woke up at 4:45 AM to work out. 

I wake up  to give myself fifteen minutes to get ready just to walk a few feet to the gym. It takes me longer than that because I’m so disoriented. I brush my teeth, wash my face, take my vitamins, pee, get dress, pee, and then leave. I don’t know why it takes me forever.

My workout included something similar to this:


I didn’t do the same numbers or in that order. I didn’t even do that cardio. I did do something along the lines of:

– Bicep Curls 12 x 3
– Tricep Kickbacks 12 x 3

Then ab work and then I would move on to some leg work with 12 reps x 3.

Abs and then arm work.

It took me over an hour and I did about twenty something minutes of cardio.

After all that, I got ready for work.


Breakfast is scarfed down. I had some Puffins cereal with Greek yogurt and a spoonful of peanut butter. 




A second breakfast is consumed of a croissant and peanut butter.

I go, go, go and eat salads all day with protein on the side or I pick up something from the food court. I was starving today so I went to Taco Bell for beans. Good protein, eh? 

I’m off at 4:30 ish . I was exhausted so I read all your blogs then decide to go on a 30 minute run outside. Despite it being cloudy and dusk, I still had to stop and take breaks. The humidity is that bad. I’m not joking. It was a good run. I love running outside. I miss it a lot. Wahhhh. Go cry about it, Christy. 

Anyway, I did want  to give a play by play of my day, but it’s not that exciting. I work out, work, eat, work out more, and sleep. Sleep is the best part of my day (besides working out).

Well, that does it. Sleep time for me so I can wake up again for spin class. By the way, check out Katie’s post of the awesomeness I sent her. I’m She’s beast.


16 Jul

My quads hurt still.

It’s been over a week now. I did run on Saturday night, but I couldn’t on Sunday morning. Luckily, I want to be on the stair climber so it’s all good. But why the hell am I not getting better?

So, let me give you a rundown of my weekend…


I volunteered at the Marine Corps thrift shop for five hours. I found these classy shirts…

I also discovered a Hannah Montana bookbag and was so tempted to buy it. I didn’t. I decided I was too old for it and what would I do with it? UH, SO MUCH, CHRISTY. DUH.

From there, since I was already on the main base that had a grocery store, I picked up a few items and grabbed something to eat since I didn’t eat lunch besides...

And a small bag of chips that was like one-hundred calories.

I didn’t buy any more peanut butter because I think I’m set for a lifetime. Or a week. I don’t know which.

I was absolutely starving after my volunteer work! They didn’t give me a break to get food and I forgot to bring my protein bars. All that time I sat around in my room, I could have packed food. 

When I got back home, I worked out. I ran on the treadmill with my sore, dumb, lazy quads. 

I have never been sore for so long. I don’t know what’s wrong.

While running, I had the biggest headache and I didn’t even want to run. My legs hate me so much. I hate them. I hate that I can’t run outside without being drenched in sweat due to the sticky weather.


I woke up and worked out. Oh yeah. Major loser over here!

I had a nice little set up, didn’t I? Too bad it only lasted for eleven minutes because of my damn legs. From there I just spent my time on the stairclimber and did some lifting for thirty minutes.

The rest of the day I went shopping and I went to Starbucks. I got a green tea frap. 

Like I said before, the Starbucks here in Japan is so much better than the states. It’s like Heaven on Earth and I want to live there.

That Sunday night though I ate so much! Like, I don’t know if I can categorize it as a binge, but it was damn close. I didn’t really eat all day so when I do eat, I can’t stop. I wait though. I drink a full bottle of water then decide if I’m still hungry and I usually am. It’s irritating.

I don’t think I gained any weight though.

This is from July 1st:

And this is July 15th:


I don’t know. I feel leaner… ?

I have been lifting (not running, wahhhh) and killing time on the stair climber, which makes me go through two sets of clothes.

I am suppose to be training for a damn marathon and I haven’t started! By the way, what’s a good training plan I can follow for a marathon? Let me know.

Anyway, I felt like I had a lot more to say, but I can’t recall so I’m sure I’ll post something tomorrow. Until then, carry on with life.

Still Sore and Oh So Hungry

11 Jul

Oh my gosh. Hey.

I have a lot to say. I don’t know where to begin.

I am still so SORE! My quads hate me right now. I lifted on Friday night after that crazy field meet. I lifted on Saturday and Sunday too. At least I think I did. I can’t even remember. I just remember being so damn sore and I still am. I can’t even run right now. It hurts. I ran on Monday and Wednesday night at like 8:00 PM. It was still super humid outside. I was sweating so much and I only ran for like twenty minutes. That is all my quads could take pounding wise.

I am also so damn hungry all the time. I can’t stop eating. I’m around food all the time too. (I work at the chow hall for goodness sakes.)

This is what I normally eat throughout the day:

I usually eat about two-three salads a day with two snacks. I’m such a bad person. I eat a cookie with cottage cheese as a snack. So much for clean eating. I also probably stuff my face with, like, five onion rings. They are my favorite junk food. For breakfast I have been having a small biscuit (or I just pick at it) and egg whites instead of my usual protein bar, which I am getting back to tomorrow. I have been eating too many carbs I think. But I have been so hungry lately. Ever since Friday. 

After I work out, I will typically eat…

That’s post workout. I’ll eat that and still be hungry so I’ll eat nuts, tuna, vegan food, etc.

I WILL be limiting my carb intake though. I never ate this many carbs before. Never.

No more onion rings.

No more cookies.

You guys can hold me accountable. Go ahead and kick me through the computer screen when I eat a biscuit, cookies, or onion rings.

Bad, Christy, bad.

I was doing really well on eating clean then I got sore… then super hungry all the time.

In addition, my workouts have been  mostly the stair climber, little bit of running, and lifting. I haven’t felt like running because I have to do on the treadmill or wait until dusk

Any tips for running on the treadmill? Please. I miss running. I want to run so badly. I better suck up this heat and humidity. Well, after my quads stop hurting.

I did go to spin class! 

Oh my gosh. I LOVED IT. The instructor is amazing. It’s worth waking up at 4:45 AM. I am even having my mom send out my bike shorts and bike shoes. Reminds me of home…

If only I could run. I don’t even feel like running. It sucks. I need advice, support, tips, treadmill help, and all that jazz. I just want to run. Instead, the stair climber has been my best friend and my best friend makes me go through two shirts in one hour because of sweat. I forget. Doesn’t Kara Goucher run on the treadmill all the  time? How does she do it? I’ll just trade lives with her.

Well, it’s almost 9 PM here. I’m hungry again after eating cereal, some almond milk, Greek yogurt, and peanut butter as well as three vegan hot wings and a tuna packet. So hungry still. 

So hungry and there are no onion rings here…

just kidding.