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4 Aug


I apologize for not blogging in like the past week or two. Sometimes I’m really lazy and I feel like I’m boring since I don’t do anything ever.

I only take a lot of selfies just to prove to people that I’m having fun on the weekend, I swear!

unnamed (3) 

Don’t worry. I have more excuses to throw at you on why I don’t blog regularly. 

Excuse #1: I’ve been running every day! Monday through Friday I wake up at 5 AM to run. The only downside to that is I go to bed at, like, 7:30 because I am now a grandma again and quite frankly, I love it! Going to bed early is my favorite thing to do. I lie in bed around 6 PM and watch Nicole Richie’s show. I inspire to be her. My hair will be purple once I’m out of the military.


Anyway, since I go to bed early, wake up early, and work all day, blogging just falls to the back burner. You guys aren’t missing out on my life. I eat Subway every day and watch the same movies on repeat.  

 Excuse #2: I’m out of excuses.

However, since we haven’t talked in a while and I haven’t been stalking your blogs, here are the top 5 greatest things that happened to me in the past week:

  1. I am down 21 pounds! I definitely don’t think I look like a lost weight and I still feel obese despite people telling me I look skinnier. Now this week, the scale has not moved at all. So, being the person I am, I research running and losing weight. There are a billion and one sites saying you cannot lose weight and run a lot. What are your views on this? I did it before. Granted, I wasn’t really eating, but I was running and losing weight. How come so many runners are in shape and (most likely) skinny? So, you’re telling me I can’t lose weight and run a lot despite every weight loss success story in fitness magazines? I’m so confused. Thoughts? I’m also confused as to why the scale fluctuates from 5-10 pounds. Driving me nuts.
  2. I’m up to 8 miles now! On Saturday I ran 8 miles in an hour and then I just continued with that on Sunday. .ckvm
  3. I am also getting faster! My speed has increased a lot from when I first starting running a few weeks ago. Eventually I’ll be running my 6 minute miles. Eventually.xckvj
  4. I am so hyper all the time! Yes, I am exhausted the majority of the work day, but my mood has improved. Running has made me happy, but I feel like I’m back to myself of being extremely weird with my co-workers. I know I’m back to my happy go lucky self when my buddy tells me to shut up.
  5. I can fit in some clothes I have not worn in months! Not only that, I’m not so self-conscious about wearing shorts. It’s extremely hot in Okinawa. A few months ago, it was about 100% humidity, but I refused to wear anything besides black skinny jeans with a black shirt. I was dressing in all black and the sun would make me sweat when I was just standing outside. It was ridiculous of me. The other day I wore shorts that showed off my thighs. Yeah, I don’t have a thigh gap, but at least my thighs are slimmer where I feel a bit more comfortable.

So, there you have it! My weekend consisted of me telling myself I should blog, but instead I ran and ate Subway all day long. I wish I was kidding. 


I’m trying to say I just ate too much Subway, but I’m still hungry.

Now it’s Monday and it has been such a terrible day for me! So terrible that I’m going to bed at 5 PM because I’m emotional and panic attacks make me sleepy.


But I love you guys! I apologize for being the worst blogger ever. Do I at least get an award for that?


16 Jul

My quads hurt still.

It’s been over a week now. I did run on Saturday night, but I couldn’t on Sunday morning. Luckily, I want to be on the stair climber so it’s all good. But why the hell am I not getting better?

So, let me give you a rundown of my weekend…


I volunteered at the Marine Corps thrift shop for five hours. I found these classy shirts…

I also discovered a Hannah Montana bookbag and was so tempted to buy it. I didn’t. I decided I was too old for it and what would I do with it? UH, SO MUCH, CHRISTY. DUH.

From there, since I was already on the main base that had a grocery store, I picked up a few items and grabbed something to eat since I didn’t eat lunch besides...

And a small bag of chips that was like one-hundred calories.

I didn’t buy any more peanut butter because I think I’m set for a lifetime. Or a week. I don’t know which.

I was absolutely starving after my volunteer work! They didn’t give me a break to get food and I forgot to bring my protein bars. All that time I sat around in my room, I could have packed food. 

When I got back home, I worked out. I ran on the treadmill with my sore, dumb, lazy quads. 

I have never been sore for so long. I don’t know what’s wrong.

While running, I had the biggest headache and I didn’t even want to run. My legs hate me so much. I hate them. I hate that I can’t run outside without being drenched in sweat due to the sticky weather.


I woke up and worked out. Oh yeah. Major loser over here!

I had a nice little set up, didn’t I? Too bad it only lasted for eleven minutes because of my damn legs. From there I just spent my time on the stairclimber and did some lifting for thirty minutes.

The rest of the day I went shopping and I went to Starbucks. I got a green tea frap. 

Like I said before, the Starbucks here in Japan is so much better than the states. It’s like Heaven on Earth and I want to live there.

That Sunday night though I ate so much! Like, I don’t know if I can categorize it as a binge, but it was damn close. I didn’t really eat all day so when I do eat, I can’t stop. I wait though. I drink a full bottle of water then decide if I’m still hungry and I usually am. It’s irritating.

I don’t think I gained any weight though.

This is from July 1st:

And this is July 15th:


I don’t know. I feel leaner… ?

I have been lifting (not running, wahhhh) and killing time on the stair climber, which makes me go through two sets of clothes.

I am suppose to be training for a damn marathon and I haven’t started! By the way, what’s a good training plan I can follow for a marathon? Let me know.

Anyway, I felt like I had a lot more to say, but I can’t recall so I’m sure I’ll post something tomorrow. Until then, carry on with life.


26 Apr

Hello, hello.

I never wanted a blog that solely focused on my past eating disorder, how I’m still struggling, and how much I love running. Well, that’s a lie. My blog is mostly about how much I love running beyond reasons of just health.

For the most part, I want an upbeat blog,

but lately it’s difficult to do that when I’m struggling with my body image.

I hate every inch of my body.

I hate how much I eat.

I contemplate starving myself all the time.

I get angry when I can’t workout (running is a stress relief for me and I truly enjoy it.)

I hate the number on the scale and how it continues to increase.

I hate not being in full control of my schedule.

I know, woe is me, right? I have a better life than most people. I run fast. Hell. I just ran three miles yesterday in 18:29. It’s not my fastest, but I’m still working at it.

Honestly, I feel like I am back at where I started from with my eating and body image. I can’t eat a meal, regardless of what it is, without guilt. Anger, depression, guilt, unhappy, powerless.

It’s one thing to tell someone, “Hey, you need to eat. You run a lot, you work out a lot. You need fuel for your body! You have muscle.” I tell people that all the time, which marks me as the biggest hypocrite. I’d rather not eat.

Here’s what I usually eat in a day:

Breakfast: melon, grapes, one boiled egg, banana, apple, nuts, coffee, water
Lunch: salad, lots of veggies, a fruit, and cottage cheese with nuts/raisins
Dinner: White rice, veggies, tofu or shrimp (a lot of food)
Dessert: Maybe chocolate raisins or a diet soda

The scale is going up because of that? It baffles me and quite frankly scares me. Is it the copious amount of Chinese food? I don’t know.

Let me tell you this, I understand this is me complaining and whining. However, my disordered eating habits are back; just in a whole new way.