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Back to Normal

17 Jul

I say howdy a lot. I’m not from the south or anything. I just like making people feel uncomfortable.

Well, I hope you all are doing fantastic! Pretty sure the weekend is so close. My Friday is tomorrow and I’m going to the beach. Mandatory fun day for everyone in my unit. So, what that means for me is, I’m going to bring a book and go chill out in the sun away from everyone.


I just want my peace and quiet… and my liquor.

Yes, I drink occasionally. Yes, I like it. Y’all should be proud of me. I use to drink daily and on days I didn’t work, drinking started at 7 AM. That is until I got help and went to AA. I really don’t like admitting that, but it’s what helped me realize that my drinking was a vice.

It’s incredible how months ago drinking daily, all day until I fell asleep was normal for me. Now, it’s normal for me to rarely even touch alcohol and I love that! I’m proud of myself. I came such a long way.


It’s okay to be proud of yourself for how far you’ve came! 

My week has been going really well though. 

Let’s see… I last talked to you guys Saturday. My Saturday was spent alone. I got dinner alone and everything.


It was so good! I haven’t had pasta or bread in awhile so I ate it right up!

photo 2

I stayed up super late on Saturday because I’m a night owl so I got bored and obviously that happened (see photo above). Major dork, I know.

Another realization I had! Several weeks ago it was normal for me to be partying it up all night with a group of people. I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to be playing beer pong every night, yet it was normal for me. Now, normal for me is in bed by 10 PM on a Saturday and away from everyone else. I forgot how much I love being alone. 

Sunday: I ran 6.5 miles or so then spent the rest of my day in my room! Honestly, I don’t do much.


I am seriously the most boring person ever. I don’t have many friends and I rarely leave my room anymore unless it’s for work or food.

Monday through Thursday just flew by. 

unnamed (2)

I ran everyday as well as did spin class twice!

Wednesday was quite busy. I woke up to run (another 6+ miles), I did spin class at lunch, and yoga right afterwards. I was starving! By the end of the day, I realized I had nothing but a protein bar.

unnamed (9)

Quest Bars are the bomb.com though. Just sayin’.

I know, I worked out hardcore on Wednesday and my body is still not use to it, but I was angry when I couldn’t work out today! I have been up since 4 AM working and now that it’s finally about 7 PM, I’m tired. I am exhausted! I wanted to run today. I hate that I was finally getting a routine going on of twice a day workouts, yet now my routine has to change due to work again. I just want a regular 9 – 5 job. I can’t wait to be out of the military and I can have freedom. A car would be nice as well. I feel like a child once again.

I won’t complain. I’ll save that for another post.

Anyway, tomorrow I have a super good HIIT workout planned for 5:30 AM before the beach so hopefully I feel normal again. It’s odd how my normal a few weeks ago was me sleeping all day and never exercising. Now, my normal is work my ass off (literally). Running has always been my passion. Its the love of my life. I gave it up for a long, extended amount of time. Nonetheless, running came back into my life so smoothly and non effortlessly. My legs may not agree, but my mind does.

I cannot wait to run tomorrow! My legs are ready… somewhat.


Have a great rest of the week! 

And remember


Carbs and Injuries

27 Jul

Meet my new best friend!

He’s only a stray dog I keep seeing every where on base. There is like a pack of dogs in the morning at 5 AM every time I am heading to spin class.

Speaking of spin class, I got some workouts to post!

Monday: Weights + Stair climber. Approx. time 1:37 minutes. (ab work)
Tuesday: Spin class + elliptical
Wednesday: Stair climber+ weights. Approx. time of two hours (ab work)
Thursday: Spin class + 28 minutes elliptical + 9 minutes of ab work
Friday: Stair climber + elliptical + weights. Approx. time of two hours. (Ab work)

And I’m starving, like, all the time. I eat about every two hours if that.

So far I have had no fried foods and this is day two. Go me. Nineteen more days left. 

In the past week, however, I have been craving carbs. Haven’t you guys heard that when your body is craving something like maybe an apple or cheese, it actually wants it? Like, if you are craving a banana, you body wants potassium.

I’m just healing from a muscle strain. (Yes, my leg is healing and feeling better. Thanks for asking.) When healing from an injury, some time your body may need more carbs. True story, bro.

I normally eat a very low carb diet. I am not a big fan of bread or pasta. I don’t really like noodles or donuts. I eat cereal and some rice, but that’s about it. Okay. Pizza too. However, lately I want carbs all the time. For a snack I eat a rice cake or bread with peanut butter. So good. Then, I came across an article about carbs and injuries:

“Prevention of injury involves identifying risk factors that would predispose one to injury and developing strategies to attenuate or eliminate their presence. Because muscle glycogen depletion is associated with fatigue and injury, it should be treated as a possible risk factor. Muscle glycogen stores are derived almost entirely from carbohydrate intake. Because there is a limited capacity to store muscle glycogen, and because muscle glycogen is the predominant fuel in exercise of moderate to severe intensity, the nutritional focus should be on carbohydrate consumption. Easy-to-follow nutritional strategies should be employed that will maximize muscle glycogen stores and delay the onset of fatigue. Individuals involved in activities lasting less than 60 minutes need to consume an adequate amount of carbohydrate daily and a pre-event meal before the start of the activity. However, individuals participating in activities longer than 60 minutes or participating in activities requiring repeated bouts of high intensity exercise need to: 1) consume an adequate amount of carbohydrate daily, 2) practice carbohydrate loading, 3) consume the pre-event meal, and 4) ingest carbohydrates immediately before, during, and after the activity.”

I do work out a lot (no running yet. Don’t make me cry.). I work out for usually for 1 hour, 30ish minutes and lately I have been doing two hours – an hour or more of cardio plus weights. 


I ordered bread sticks. Who am I? 

Ms. Insane Carb Loader. That’s who I am.

In addition, for any injury, recovery involves more protein.

There are two types of proteins – animal proteins and vegetable proteins. Animal proteins include milk protein (or “complete milk protein”), which has both casein and whey together. Casein protein prevents muscle breakdown, whereas whey protein builds muscles. Whey is easy to digest, absorbed more quickly than casein and is therefore the animal protein of choice for injuries. Vegetable proteins include soy protein (excellent for recovery), rice protein and legumes such as beans. Rice and beans are not a complete source of protein, meaning that they do not contain all the essential amino acids, but in combination they become complete. Soy protein is the only vegetable source of complete protein.

Top quality protein-rich foods like eggs (or egg whites), soy products, lean meats, fish and non-fat or low-fat dairy products will aid healing and are essential in coming back from a sports injury. And don’t skimp on calories during an injury because this can delay healing. If you do not provide enough fuel for your brain, muscles or other organs to function, your body will raid your cells to function. If you are losing weight, be careful. You may not be getting enough protein to fully recover.

I try to eat as much protein as possible. If you’re interested, I can do a post on what I eat protein wise. A vlog if you will. Let me know. I take requests. No karaoke.

Anyway, protein is my favorite nutrient or… whatever you want to call it.

If you are injured or in the recovery process, carbs won’t kill you. They will help your muscles recovery. Just remember protein > carbs. Protein will always out weigh carbs. Then also, make sure you eat the ‘good’ carbs. I eat cereal, but I eat flax seed/quinoa/whole wheat carbs.

In terms of fats, I own about seven peanut butter/nut butter jars.

Enough said. 

21 Days

25 Jul

Hey friends!

I learned something about myself today…

Well, let me back up a little bit. You know how I said before I will  not be eating any onion rings and fries, etc? I still eat those things in moderation, like everyday. It’s terrible because, hello, it’s fried food!

Except I love fried food. Fried shrimp, cornbread, cauliflower.

I can’t deny foods like fries anymore.

I am afraid if I deny myself onion rings, cookies, or bread, I’ll go back to my eating disorder. That my eating disorder will kick in today and I won’t even eat these foods. I been there, done that. I’m afraid I’ll gain so much self control that when I do let myself eat a fry, I’ll eat three packs. Also, been there and done that. 

I want my self control back though. Only because eating fried foods and sweets is obviously unhealthy. It’s not doing my body any good when I eat ten onion rings with fries.

I’m only doing it because I deny myself the food in my head! In my head, I tell myself how much I need to run again despite my muscle strain or that I’m fat.  I tell myself if I keep denying myself what I want, I won’t be happy. Truth is, I need to tell myself that I need to fuel my body well. I need to put the proper gas in the car.

Fried foods won’t heal my leg any faster. Protein will. Fried foods won’t make me run faster either. I want to run so badly that I want to cry. Weirdo.

But my point is, I eat well most of the time. 

My goal is to not eating any fried foods (maybe a cookie every now and then) for 21 days. 

It takes 21 days to start and end a habit so that is my plan. No fries, greasy food, onion rings, and shiz like that.

In if I make it in the of these 21 days, I will buy myself something…

If I mess up and eat something I shouldn’t, no shoes.

And I’m only denying myself UNHEALTHY foods. I need more protein to fuel my body. I’m starving throughout the day; especially when today I did 67 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of lifting. Then, in the afternoon I did another 30 minutes of cardio. I’m hungry.

I’m only breaking an unhealthy habit of eating an unhealthy food every day. 

What habit do you want to start or break?