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Back to Normal

17 Jul

I say howdy a lot. I’m not from the south or anything. I just like making people feel uncomfortable.

Well, I hope you all are doing fantastic! Pretty sure the weekend is so close. My Friday is tomorrow and I’m going to the beach. Mandatory fun day for everyone in my unit. So, what that means for me is, I’m going to bring a book and go chill out in the sun away from everyone.


I just want my peace and quiet… and my liquor.

Yes, I drink occasionally. Yes, I like it. Y’all should be proud of me. I use to drink daily and on days I didn’t work, drinking started at 7 AM. That is until I got help and went to AA. I really don’t like admitting that, but it’s what helped me realize that my drinking was a vice.

It’s incredible how months ago drinking daily, all day until I fell asleep was normal for me. Now, it’s normal for me to rarely even touch alcohol and I love that! I’m proud of myself. I came such a long way.


It’s okay to be proud of yourself for how far you’ve came! 

My week has been going really well though. 

Let’s see… I last talked to you guys Saturday. My Saturday was spent alone. I got dinner alone and everything.


It was so good! I haven’t had pasta or bread in awhile so I ate it right up!

photo 2

I stayed up super late on Saturday because I’m a night owl so I got bored and obviously that happened (see photo above). Major dork, I know.

Another realization I had! Several weeks ago it was normal for me to be partying it up all night with a group of people. I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to be playing beer pong every night, yet it was normal for me. Now, normal for me is in bed by 10 PM on a Saturday and away from everyone else. I forgot how much I love being alone. 

Sunday: I ran 6.5 miles or so then spent the rest of my day in my room! Honestly, I don’t do much.


I am seriously the most boring person ever. I don’t have many friends and I rarely leave my room anymore unless it’s for work or food.

Monday through Thursday just flew by. 

unnamed (2)

I ran everyday as well as did spin class twice!

Wednesday was quite busy. I woke up to run (another 6+ miles), I did spin class at lunch, and yoga right afterwards. I was starving! By the end of the day, I realized I had nothing but a protein bar.

unnamed (9)

Quest Bars are the bomb.com though. Just sayin’.

I know, I worked out hardcore on Wednesday and my body is still not use to it, but I was angry when I couldn’t work out today! I have been up since 4 AM working and now that it’s finally about 7 PM, I’m tired. I am exhausted! I wanted to run today. I hate that I was finally getting a routine going on of twice a day workouts, yet now my routine has to change due to work again. I just want a regular 9 – 5 job. I can’t wait to be out of the military and I can have freedom. A car would be nice as well. I feel like a child once again.

I won’t complain. I’ll save that for another post.

Anyway, tomorrow I have a super good HIIT workout planned for 5:30 AM before the beach so hopefully I feel normal again. It’s odd how my normal a few weeks ago was me sleeping all day and never exercising. Now, my normal is work my ass off (literally). Running has always been my passion. Its the love of my life. I gave it up for a long, extended amount of time. Nonetheless, running came back into my life so smoothly and non effortlessly. My legs may not agree, but my mind does.

I cannot wait to run tomorrow! My legs are ready… somewhat.


Have a great rest of the week! 

And remember



No Crying in Running

11 Aug

I wanted to give a quick update as I drink my chai flaxseed smoothie because apparently when I tried to write a post last while eating   a veggie burger and spinach at 11:25 PM, it didn’t work out to well. Besides, wordpress has been acting strange on my computer. I don’t know. It’s probably just me.

The above paragraph only proves that I eat all the time.

Let’s go.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday I ran 10 miles. Monday and Thursday I stuck to the stair climber because I was beyond tired. Thursday was suppose to be an easy day at work because I had 24 hour duty the day/night before. It was awful. I didn’t get off of work until 2:30 PM. I took a thirty minute nap, worked out, and went to be at like 9:30 PM. I was exhausted.

Of course it felt amazing to sleep in on Saturday morning. I set an alarm for 7 AM and didn’t wake up until 8:30. I’m sorry, but that is sleeping in for me. I hate sleeping in that late. I feel like it messes up my whole day.

At least I got to watch the Olympics while running on the treadmill (13.22 miles) Saturday morning. I was practically shouting at the TV.

The women’s 4 X 400 relay broke a record! If you watched it in slow motion as she cross the finished line, it was incredible. Her face was serious then lit up because she knew she broke a record. So amazing. 

In the women’s 15oo meters, Morgan Uceny tripped! I saw it happened and went, “OH MY GOD!”

The only thing that pisses me off about her tripping is she just started crying. Wouldn’t you get up and just continue running? It’s not like she tore a muscle. She only tripped. I would have gotten angry, got my happy ass up, and continue running. What would you do in that situation? I feel like crying in front of of everyone like that is ridiculous. Get up and run. I have had my spikes come untied before in races. Do I stop and tie them? No. I keep going and come in first.

I guess it just bothers me she didn’t get up. It’s not like she had a Lolo Jones incident. There was not a tore muscle or a cramp. I believe crying like that over something that can be made up for is silly. I don’t know. I don’t want to sound harsh.

Either way, I give her a lot of credit. She’s in the Olympics for goodness sake. She is still an amazing athlete. 

Did anyone of you read this article on this columnist who wrote about women in the Olympics being ‘flat-chested’ and ‘man-like’? 

Here is what he said verbatim:

Turkish columnist Yüksel Aytuğ caused an online firestorm on Aug. 8 after penning an article that criticized the Olympic Games for “killing womanhood.”

Aytuğ’s piece, titled “Womanhood is dying at the Olympics,” was published in daily Sabah and the paper’s website but quickly spread after angering readers by saying the Olympic Games were destroying the female figure by distorting women’s bodies and that points should be added to female Olympians based on how feminine they looked.

Aytuğ said women’s associations should protest the Games and added that it was enough for him to “take a look at female swimmers” to reach that opinion.
“Broad-shouldered, flat-chested women with small hips; [they are] totally indistinguishable from men. Their breasts – the symbol of womanhood, motherhood – flattened into stubs as they were seen as mere hindrances to speed,” Aytuğ said.

“I am not even talking about female javelin throwers, shot-put athletes, weightlifters, wrestlers and boxers,” Aytuğ said. “Their appearance is just pathetic.”

Aytuğ said the Olympics forced women to “look more like men” in order to be successful and wrote about an ongoing “sporting violence against women,” while criticizing what he called an understanding of “the manlier you look the more successful you are.”

The columnist concluded by saying that female Olympians should be rewarded with additional bonus points based on how “feminine” they looked. “Otherwise we will destroy the grace and naïveté of women through the Olympics,” he concluded.

Is he joking right now? First of all, women become flat chested because sports like running and what not decrease our boob size. Am I right? I barely have boobs. I don’t care. I love running. Ever ran with huge boobs bouncing up and down? No thank you. Breasts are also fat tissue so women with a high metabolism and women who work out will lose that fat. 

Also, all these female athletes are beautiful! You see them in regular clothes and it’s like, woah. Actually, they aren’t even really that flat chested. It’s called a sports bra. A sports bra holds down those puppies.

I am positive that these women in the Olympics are more of a man than this guy who wrote the article. The Olympics are not a beauty contest. 

And why talk about the women? We could easily talk about the men with their bird legs. Should I even go there? 

I don’t know what I’m going to do when the Olympics are over. I don’t remember what I did before.

By the way, three more days left of my ‘no fried food’ challenge. I have had no onion rings, fries, or any other junk food like that. I’m so happy! Go me.

Here is what I have been eating instead:

Typhoon Party

6 Aug

I’ll just start off by saying Monday was a terrible day for me. I woke up so motivated to run, but the day before (Sunday, in case you forgot) was so stormy. Apparently, there was a typhoon comping our way.


I woke up Monday morning at 4:30 AM to just to get to the gym by 5 AM. I went downstairs in my barracks and I couldn’t go. It was so windy, rainy, and whatever else could take away Dorthy’s house in the Wizard of Oz.

I died inside. I was so ready for a run.

The rest of the day was just down hill from there. Let’s just say my new sweets challenge is extended another day. Or two…

Let me rewind to the weekend because I really don’t want to be a Debbie Downer here.


I ran 10.90 miles on the treadmill. Imagine that!


Thanks to the Olympics, good music, and my love for running, I can handle the treadmill. I can’t handle when guys tell me the other guys have been talking about me. Apparently, I dress to provocatively and wear short-shorts. Umm, it’s called running clothes. How come females always get hit on what they wear and they put themselves ‘out there’? There are guys at the gym who wear shorter shorts than me! I’m not kidding. Screw them. I dress to be comfortable when I run and to not drown in my own sweat. I don’t dress to look cute. My motto is that by the end of my workout, I should look ugly as hell. By the way, I am literally the only female at the gym the majority of the time so of course I’m going to look damn good.

Did you know they try to regulate women grunting while playing tennis? I guess it’s offensive and freaks out the men. Get over it.

Anyway, I spent the rest of my day grocery shopping with my roommate.

It’s crazy how we get along so well. She’s more of a lifter and I’m more a cardio queen. We both love bananas and have like three tubs of protein powder. We even went to bootcamp together!

I bought the usual of Greek yogurt, Puffins cereal, Kashi waffles, nuts, baby food, and Naked drinks.

In addition, I got my eyebrows waxed. I took a mirror photo just to prove it so none of you would think I’m a liar.


You all know I got my tattoo later that night and I scheduled an appointment for next week to get another.

Saturday night I went out with my two best guy friends. I may or may not have consumed an alcoholic beverage. Just one. I don’t see the appeal of drinking so I don’t really do it. It’s pointless to me.

Random transition, but here it goes. I hang out with guys. My roommate is my only girl friend and we don’t even hang out that much. The problem with hanging out with guys is they get use to you and begin talking to you like you are one of their guy friends. I was “fat” and a “butterface” all in one night. Way to hit a girl’s self esteem.

Moving on.


I ran another ten miles and didn’t really do anything else.

It was raining out all day and at night it began to storm badly. Lightning, wind, and all that good stuff. That was my hint to order pizza.


Well, that was my weekend, but I have some more honorable eats to share!

Can it be Friday already?

No Need for Words Motivation

6 Aug

Not even going to say anything besides…

Motivational Monday!




Happy Monday.

Cheating on Running

3 Aug

I always have super awesome ideas for posts in my head, but then I don’t remember them ever again.

Well, first thing is first…

My workout today included me waking up at again at 4:45 AM, lifting for over an hour with some cardio (22 minutes). Then, I just got back from running at 8 PM at night in the rain.

It was only twenty minutes, but whatever. Better than nothing, right? And I did lift weights forever today. I’m not even hungry, but I chowed down like I was. I blame the five hours of sleep. If that. I need at least seven to function.

Also, I am adding one more day onto my no eating sweets challenge. I ate a brownie today. In my defense, the chow hall I workout rarely makes ‘homemade’ treats and this was a ‘homemade’ raisin nut brownie. How could I resist? So, I’m adding on a day for that and only because I am modifying my challenge. I will allow myself at least one sweet a week, if that.

Anyway, back to weight lifting…

I LOVE IT AGAIN. I need some good websites for workouts though. Any suggestions? Maybe workouts to get in shape like these ladies?

I want to be them. Seriously.

I feel like I am cheating on running because I really do want to run! I just don’t want to run on a damn treadmill yet I don’t want to die outside because it is so hot. Ahhhh. I love you, running. Don’t leave me. 

Lifting right now is great. I love it. I’m trying to get strong again and get a tight stomach. The only probably I have with me lifting is I remove a lot of cardio and I feel like  I don’t get a good workout because I’m not sweating like I would on a run. You know what I mean? I sweat a little bit doing weights when I get super into it and I’m like lifting 70 pounds over my head then leg pressing twice my weight.

I miss running a lot. I miss running in Portland. 

I plan on running tomorrow (Saturday morning for me). Then, hitting up the grocery store, making a tattoo appointment, and hanging out with friends.

Oh, and I will blog about what I’m currently eating and vegan-ism. Whadya say?

– Ever cheated on running, your favorite sport, lifting, etc.?

Another 21 Days

1 Aug


Thank you for all the comments on my last post. I really do appreciate everyone’s comment and opinion. This is America. Say what you want whether you disagree or agree. I love to hear it all.

Happy August!

My whole no fried food challenge is going great. I haven’t had any fried food. August 15th is when I can buy those running shoes I want. Actually, my challenge is going so great that I gave myself a second one. 

No sweets, excluding Starbucks’ coffee because I can’t resist. I can, but come on now. Starbucks is the world’s greatest… I don’t even know what to call it. It’s amazing.

So, August 1st was the start of my ‘no sweets’ challenge and so far I’m passing. Once I make it to August 21st, I plan on buying myself a purse and probably some more running clothes. I buy too much as it is so this is how I limit myself.

Besides, I feel better not eating all that crap. I really do. I have more energy and I don’t feel so loaded down. I need energy because…

Wednesday morning I woke up at 4:45 AM to work out. 

I wake up  to give myself fifteen minutes to get ready just to walk a few feet to the gym. It takes me longer than that because I’m so disoriented. I brush my teeth, wash my face, take my vitamins, pee, get dress, pee, and then leave. I don’t know why it takes me forever.

My workout included something similar to this:


I didn’t do the same numbers or in that order. I didn’t even do that cardio. I did do something along the lines of:

– Bicep Curls 12 x 3
– Tricep Kickbacks 12 x 3

Then ab work and then I would move on to some leg work with 12 reps x 3.

Abs and then arm work.

It took me over an hour and I did about twenty something minutes of cardio.

After all that, I got ready for work.


Breakfast is scarfed down. I had some Puffins cereal with Greek yogurt and a spoonful of peanut butter. 




A second breakfast is consumed of a croissant and peanut butter.

I go, go, go and eat salads all day with protein on the side or I pick up something from the food court. I was starving today so I went to Taco Bell for beans. Good protein, eh? 

I’m off at 4:30 ish . I was exhausted so I read all your blogs then decide to go on a 30 minute run outside. Despite it being cloudy and dusk, I still had to stop and take breaks. The humidity is that bad. I’m not joking. It was a good run. I love running outside. I miss it a lot. Wahhhh. Go cry about it, Christy. 

Anyway, I did want  to give a play by play of my day, but it’s not that exciting. I work out, work, eat, work out more, and sleep. Sleep is the best part of my day (besides working out).

Well, that does it. Sleep time for me so I can wake up again for spin class. By the way, check out Katie’s post of the awesomeness I sent her. I’m She’s beast.

21 Days

25 Jul

Hey friends!

I learned something about myself today…

Well, let me back up a little bit. You know how I said before I will  not be eating any onion rings and fries, etc? I still eat those things in moderation, like everyday. It’s terrible because, hello, it’s fried food!

Except I love fried food. Fried shrimp, cornbread, cauliflower.

I can’t deny foods like fries anymore.

I am afraid if I deny myself onion rings, cookies, or bread, I’ll go back to my eating disorder. That my eating disorder will kick in today and I won’t even eat these foods. I been there, done that. I’m afraid I’ll gain so much self control that when I do let myself eat a fry, I’ll eat three packs. Also, been there and done that. 

I want my self control back though. Only because eating fried foods and sweets is obviously unhealthy. It’s not doing my body any good when I eat ten onion rings with fries.

I’m only doing it because I deny myself the food in my head! In my head, I tell myself how much I need to run again despite my muscle strain or that I’m fat.  I tell myself if I keep denying myself what I want, I won’t be happy. Truth is, I need to tell myself that I need to fuel my body well. I need to put the proper gas in the car.

Fried foods won’t heal my leg any faster. Protein will. Fried foods won’t make me run faster either. I want to run so badly that I want to cry. Weirdo.

But my point is, I eat well most of the time. 

My goal is to not eating any fried foods (maybe a cookie every now and then) for 21 days. 

It takes 21 days to start and end a habit so that is my plan. No fries, greasy food, onion rings, and shiz like that.

In if I make it in the of these 21 days, I will buy myself something…

If I mess up and eat something I shouldn’t, no shoes.

And I’m only denying myself UNHEALTHY foods. I need more protein to fuel my body. I’m starving throughout the day; especially when today I did 67 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of lifting. Then, in the afternoon I did another 30 minutes of cardio. I’m hungry.

I’m only breaking an unhealthy habit of eating an unhealthy food every day. 

What habit do you want to start or break?